Hunter’s Specialties Adds New Models to the Attractor Caller Line

DT-2 attractor resized
Hunter’s Specialties Adds New Models to the Attractor Caller Line
Hunter’s Specialties

USA – -( Hunter’s Specialties has added four new models, including two predator, one deer and one turkey version to its popular Johnny Stewart Attractor Caller line.

Each Attractor Caller features five pre-programmed, 16 bit authentic Johnny Stewart sounds.

The 30-second sounds can be played in a loop for continuous action. The Attractor comes with a hand-held remote with a range of up to 50 yards.

The caller has a 180 degree pivoting speaker with a built-in loop that allows hunters to hang it from a tree branch or other elevated position for greater coverage. The base unit operates on four AA batteries (not included) and the remote comes with a 12 volt, A23 battery included.

The four new models include the PT-3 (includes Baby Cottontail, Lip Squeak, Rodent Squeaks, Meadowlark and Coyote Whimper sounds), PT-4 (includes Desperate Cries of a Cottontail, Coywolf Bark/Howls, Coyote Pup Distress, Fawn Bleating and Vittles A’la Jackrabbit sounds),

TT-2 (includes Cluck & Purr, Cutting, Excited Hen Yelp, Locator Gobble and Soft Hen Yelp sounds) and DT-2 (includes Buck Grunt, Doe Bleat, Estrus Bleat, Rattling and Snort Wheeze sounds)

The new Johnny Stewart Attractor Callers from Hunter’s Specialties are available for a suggested retail price of $49.99.


For more information about other Hunter’s Specialties products, log onto the Hunter’s Specialties website at, write to 6000 Huntington Court NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321.