Kahr K9 Pistol: the Cadillac of Concealed Carry Guns?

Is the Kahr K9 the Cadillac of Concealed Carry?
Is the Kahr K9 the Cadillac of Concealed Carry?
Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) Some folks drive Chevys and some drive Cadillacs.

While both types of automobile have four wheels and will get you from point A to point B, the Cadillac is obviously built to a higher standard and will get you there in style.  Naturally, the owner pays more upgraded features.

While sitting down to pen this review of the Kahr K9 pistol the previous statement seemed to be the most natural analogy I could use. There are dozens of compact pistols available for the American shooter. Some are economy models that use economical parts and components. Others use more expensive components and are built with a greater attention to detail. In the end it’s up to you to decide what you can afford and for what you are willing to pay.

Though their polymer framed pistols have been very popular for their price point, Kahr has a full line of solid steel pistols.  Recently I had the good fortune to work with the model K9.  This particular semi-automatic pistol arrived with a matte stainless steel finish.

A 3.5 inch barrel with 1 in 10 polygonal rifling is used in the K9. Overall length of the pistol is 6 inches with the height being only 4.5 inches. Being solid steel construction, this compact pistol does have a little heft and it weighs 23 ounces empty.  This would prove beneficial at the range, but I digress.

Hogue wrap-around grips surround the frame and offer the user a solid purchase on the pistol. Atop the slide on this particular model there were squared iron sights. Other sight configurations are available from Kahr including Novak and Tritium night sights. XS Sighting Systems also makes the Big Dot Express sights for Kahr pistols.

Read the complete review at Student of the Gun.

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The Kahr K9 in black steel has been my nearly constant carry gun for 25 years. Out of the box the trigger was too heavy, but Kahr went over the gun and sent back something that operated flawlessly when I needed it. Much improved trigger over what it was sold with. My justified defensive use of the gun became front page news in our city, and the police called me a “hero.” The first officer on the scene was carrying a Kahr K9, too. Fantastic gun. Double action only. No safety switch, no grip switch, no hammer, just point and… Read more »

J Hazlet

I’m essentially a wheel gun man, but during a training course a decade or so ago, in a “swap weapons” activity I wound up with the instructor’s K9. Only semiauto I ever liked from the very beginning — including the very careworn M1911A1 I had in the Marine Corps. I went and bought one right after the class, and have had it ever since. Never a malfunction. Great natural shooter — I can put 20 shots in the X ring at 21 ft, at tender age of 75. Trigger takes a little getting used to, but you’ll come to like… Read more »

Larry Milligan

Has the manufacturer of the K9 addressed the issues you mention in this review?

Mark Dibble

I would agree with the $400 range for a black finish K9. It feels really good in the hand and is accurate (once you get the hang of the smooth, long, double-action trigger). Mine did not like reloads at all….jammed when entering chamber constantly. It also was initially “nose-diving” with hollow point Ammo. I corrected the hollow point nosediving by replacing the mag followers with the aluminum ones from Lakeline, LLC and boosted the mag Spring strengths with Wolf springs. Polishing the feed ramp and keeping clean helps too. The gun has no problems cycling New FMJ ammo at all.… Read more »

Rom Latham

I worked in the armory at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for 9 years and I am framilure with most weapons. I can tell you my Kahr K9 and Glock 23 are my two favorite weapons. I’m also a retired Deputy U.S. Marshal and carried both over the years.

Wild Bill

Hey Rob Latham, I went to FLETC near Glenco, GA. Gained ten pounds in the cafeteria. Went to St. Simons Island every week end. What years were you there?

Judy Redlinger

Is this a wide grip for a woman? What is the recoil? What is the cost, I really don’t care much about the cost, just curious. Thank you, Judy


Not a very wide grip. Lowest recoil you’re going to get for a 9mm carry pistol, not at all painful. Around $400 used.