MEALSPEC Announces New Dealer Program

New MEALSPEC Dealer Program Announced

Jacksonville, FL -( MEALSPEC, soon to be the leading manufacture of flameless meal heaters, unveils their new dealer promotion program.

MEALSPEC’s extensive passion for military and emergency food heating supplies has created the most reliable flameless meal heaters available and wants to expand its market to dealers across the country.

Becoming a MEALSPEC Dealer is a simple process. Visit and click the dealer program link, then fill out the form and a MEALSPEC associate will contact you to discuss more. MEALSPEC differs from other MRE heaters & flameless meal heaters in a couple of ways.

They manufacturer a state-of-the-art meal heater that reaches 220° Fahrenheit in 12 seconds and activates with any type of water. This flameless meal heater out performs every other flameless heater on the market with a run time of 12 minutes and the capability of cooking an egg. The MEALSPEC Heater bag can even cook small fish fillets, heat coffee and warm precooked meals above expectation. This flameless heater is perfect for disaster preparedness, camping, hunting, and more.

MEALSPEC Heaters are military grade and unlike Internet vendors, every MEALSPEC heater is brand new, and not about to expire. This product has been tested across the nation in countless applications and is presently utilized by multiple private and government organizations. For more information or purchasing questions on MEALSPEC heaters, please visit

If you are interested in becoming a dealer of MEALSPEC products, please email [email protected] to receive a limit time special offer.

MealSpec MRE Heater Specifications


  • Activation time at 4 minutes
  • Run Time up to 12 minutes
  • Medial Temperature: 180 degrees
  • Peak Temperature: 220 degrees
  • Shelf life of 5 years
  • Zero failure report


About MEALSPEC: MEALSPEC soon to be the leading manufacturer in the flameless heater industry. MEALSPEC produces a state of the art meal heater that reaches 220 degrees in 12 seconds. MEALSPEC is patent pending in the US and Abroad. The product is available to law enforcement, the military, and citizens. For more information visit

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