Montana Public Land Hunt on Federal Premium’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg

Thursday, 7:30 pm MT on Sportsman Channel  

Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg
Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg

BOZEMAN, Mont. –-(  With 31 million acres of public land available and 2,000 over-the-counter tags available most seasons, Montana is the mecca for public land hunting.

And Randy Newberg is just the hunter to showcase that in four days, a big game animal can have a place in his freezer, and maybe, a spot on his wall.

Plus, Newberg demonstrates how other hunters can actually help push animals in the path of a rifle on this week’s Federal Premium’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg on Sportsman Channel, Thursday, August 7 at 7:30 p.m. MT.

Catch a sneak peek of this week’s episode here:

Not only does Montana have 31 million acres of public land hunting, but also another 8 million enrolled in their Block Management program, which pays private land owners to open their land to public hunting.

“If you are looking to go out west and do a hunt, there’s no state that is as easy to hunt with such long seasons as Montana,” said Newberg. “I hope when this episode is over, viewers will see they should have been here in 2013 and bought one of the 2,000 available tags for elk or mule deer.  And good news is, today, they could buy this same tag and come and do this same hunt in 2014.”

Newberg’s first goal is trophy elk as he’s scouting the day prior to opening season in southwest Montana. Opening day hunting pressure helps Newberg as suddenly a group of bull elk gets pushed out into the open heading towards him. He sets his Howa rifle in on the last bull in the group, but hesitates before he makes the shot, which costs him.

“I wasn’t 100 percent comfortable with a shot off at the bull quartering toward me.  And it looked like they were coming closer to my position, which would have allowed a better shot angle,” said Newberg. He doesn’t squeeze the trigger and the bulls trot away from him just in time.

But Montana also offers plenty of mule deer, so Newberg doesn’t lose hope yet. Tune in to see what big game animal he ends up taking home on this adventurous public land hunt.

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Federal Premium’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg takes the same self-guided public land story viewers have come to love with his award-winning series, On Your Own Adventures, and tells that story in a deeper “behind the scenes” format.

This season also includes segments highlighting The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which is the largest land access program in history. “LWCF provides millions of acres of public hunting access, yet it largely goes unnoticed by the hunting community,” commented Newberg. “If LWCF is not reauthorized by Congress in 2015, hunters will definitely notice that. My goal is to educate and inform so hunters can take actions locally and nationally.”

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About Federal Premium’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg:

Federal Premium’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg is a TV show that takes viewers to the amazing public lands of America, teaching viewers that all can enjoy these treasured lands.  By showing these great experiences through the eyes of America’s best-known public land hunter, Fresh Tracks tells the story of conservation and the role hunters have played to make wildlife abundant for all Americans.  Western landscapes are the setting for these amazing hunts; limited only by one’s spirit for adventure.  We all dream of making our own Fresh Tracks, and as Randy Newberg shows, in America, those dreams can become reality.

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