More Pet Dogs Killed By Wolf Packs in Wisconsin

Family Pet Dogs Killed By Wolves
More Pet Dogs Killed By Wolf Packs in Wisconsin
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MADISON, WI –-(  On August 1st 2014, Wisconsin Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed a 4 year old Plott bear hound and a 1 year old Plott bear hound and injured a 4 year old Plott bear hound during the same training incident.

The attack occurred in the Town of Popple River, Forest County, WI. More information and a caution area map are available on the Wisconsin Wildlife gray wolf webpage.

Hikers, families and hunters are reminded to use the caution and reference area maps on the Wisconsin DNR website (, keyword “wolf management“) to help reduce conflicts during this year’s bear dog training and hunting season as well as anyone just out for a walk with your dogs.

“Aggressive wolves is just something we have to live with now, they are getting bolder as their number grow” says a Forest County WI resident. A lot of people with no experience with wild animals insisted on wolves being reintroduced to our part of Wisconsin and we are stuck living with the danger”. “I predict it is only a matter of time before someone is killed while out for a jog or riding their bike.”

Anyone suspecting more wolf attacks in northern Wisconsin should call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 (in state) or 715-369-5221. In southern Wisconsin call 1-800-433-0663 (in state) or 920-324-4514.

As with other wild canids, wolves are very territorial and will guard their territories from other wolves, coyotes and domestic dogs. Wolves are probably most aggressive toward strange wolves and dogs at den and rendezvous sites when their pups are small, during the breeding season in January and February and when they are protecting a fresh kill. Wolf packs have pups in spring and then later will use rendezvous sites from mid May to late September, after the pups are big enough to leave their den. Adult wolves are very defensive of pups at rendezvous sites and will attack other predators, including dogs and humans, that get too close to the rendezvous site or the pups.

Wisconsin Wolf Pup Pack
Wolves seen in Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, Burnett County in summer 2009. Photo ©Dave Moquin.
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Denis A. Crowns

I have spent over 60 years in Wisconsin’s woodlands, as a hunter and general outdoorsmen. I never leave my vehicle with out arming myself, this is because of the wolf. I would never kill a wolf without a direct threat to me or my pet dogs. I now have them in my back yard at times. Their presence has greatly impacted my general piece of mind, some of species is fine, but there must be control. We should not blame the wolf, but must blame the agencies that have allowed this problem to occur. My 2 cents worth.

Perry Peltonen

wolves near Glidden Wi are a problem national forest rangers wont leave there trucks unarmed,recently saw a large male 120lbs aprox on hwy 13 stopped my harley on shoulder left it rumbling walked back toward wolf it would not get off shoulder of road totally unafraid of man ,wont be long before a hiker or berry picker is shredded ,, by wolf guide .in ashland county wi.

Doug Brunt

Great link William, as it provides good data proving Betty’s point about increasing hunters numbers. From your data Hunter numbers are stable or growing. But you comment “Hunting is on the decline” makes no sense since you data clearly proves the opposite. I guess it is just another example of how stupid the anti side is. Thanks for the brilliant example.

william huard

Block me all you want you gunlicker -(TOS Violation Edit)-. We ARE coming for you…Make no mistake! IP Address ( )

william huard

Gee whizz Betty-

Hunting is on the decline. I’ve forgot more about hunting than you will ever know. Really.

Trace Brown

Hunters own US Conservation, we invented it, we fund in in the 100 of millions each year, we do it better than any one in the world, it involves killing animals to mange populations. It does not use any tax dollars, all fish and game is funded by us. Zero, I repeat, zero money from animal rights/save the wolves orgs. Anti Hunters, and all the negative commentators ARE anti’s, don’t have a dollar in the cause. After the 1st child is killed by wolf introduction it will be a failure the antis can proudly wear as all their own.

Betty Turner

FYI check your facts, Hunting numbers have been growing year on year and now women are pouring into the sport.

More bad news for you haters, go suck on your organic tofu, whats that??? are you gonna call all hound hunters Nazis next. Typical liberal talking points, when all else fails start name calling. Maybe call us racists too?

william huard

Tred- While you fake hunters are patting yourselves on the back- remember- hunter numbers continue to plummet…two decades in a row…..and there is nothing that you can do about it…..Tick Tock Tick Tock. Meanwhile- keep those killing contests and other forms of SLOB hunting coming on the social media pages…..Hounding, baiting, trapping- all will be the first to go. Who knows- maybe we can relocate all you SLOBS to Mongolia!

Zig Pope

Wow! Just Wow!

The bovine fecal material on this page is waist deep. Keep patting yourselves on the back and wallowing in bloody narcissism, while pretending you are conservationists. Dream on buckaroos, killing is not conservation, never was, never will be. It is PR spin and you all are whirling dervishes.

mary anderson

I’ve seen no anti=hunting posts. Only anti- hounding. Where sport hunting and conservationism formerly went hand in hand that is not truth today. And I repeat hounds are NOT family pets, anymore than livestock. People who care about their pets don’t deliberately expose them to lethal danger for entertainment purposes. They do quite the opposite and protect them. That is the difference between a hounder and a pet owner. Do you see it?

Tred Law

The anti-hunting comments above are a great demonstration of the ignorance, foul language and hate of people who have no understanding of conservation, hunting or wild animals for that matter. The irony is not lost on us that these wackos would prefer to kill our beloved pets or another human, just to prove a point. I am sure it must fill their hearts with hate to know that hunting and sportsmen dollars are the back bone of conservation in America and they can not do a dam thing about it.


Pure -(tos violation edit)-…!!! Lies, lies and more lies to terrorize people into these idiots way of thinking. IP Address ( )

Mary Anderson

When did hounds become pets? They aren’t even trained to be pets. Chained outside their whole lives, living in a climate they were never bred to live in as they are not a double coated dog, living in their own crap most of their lives. They are just another apex predator even the wolves know that much! How come humans can’t grasp that fact? Are hounders perhaps dumber than wolves? Yes I believe they are…

Richard Champlin

This is -(tos violation edit)- You set your dogs on wolves, what the hell do you expect? You do this because you get a psychopathic joy out of it. -(tos violation edit)- you all to hell IP Address ( )


This is all on the owner – the owner knew that sending a dog out to hunt bears or to train them on wolves will result in the deaths if their dogs. Only in WI do the taxpayers pay thousands to see these dogs killed over and over again. What a horrible death for this dog. Shame on the owner.


Seriously? Such lies..comical, anybody with brains would believe anybody would believe the lies they spew forth. Wolves ARE supposed to kill your dogs when YOU intentionally allow your dogs to invade their territory; just like YOUR DOG would defend its territory in the city by fighting. Wolves see your dogs as other invading wolves and have every right to defend themselves, their family members and their babies and territory from your dogs you set loose on them for your entertainment. It is all intentionally CAUSED BY YOU. You even kill YOUR OWN DOGS when they won’t fight with and kill… Read more »

william huard

The Wisconsin Bear Hunters and the canned hunters in Safari Club need some help from the blood drenched NRA’s propaganda division to spread more lies and BS. Very predictable…..Gee- you fellas better hope that SCI doesn’t lose their tax exempt status,,,,That would be tragic! After all- with all that greed, corruption, and fake conservation going around!


Instead of feeding wolves we need to be feeding people with the abundance of deer. Extend the hunting season and many more kills would solve the problem and let people feed themselves instead of relying on our tax dollars. Anything for a vote in Wash.


Well those wolves know that pets are easy meals all of them will need to hunted down, as they will not stop.
The other aspect of wolves is if one mates with a dog , the offspring lose fear of everything, a very dangerous animal is born.


Take the old clothes-pin bag or any cloth sack..throw in 6 sponges doused in ammonia and tie it to the inside lid of the garbage can. No more problems with wild animals.


Wolves are apex predators, and unlike Alaska, Wisconsin is an area with populations in or near urban and recreational areas traditionally used by people in the Great Lakes area for generations. Every year, about 600,000 people pack a state 1/10th the size of Alaska hunting for deer and another 25 million to vacation. Should they now go somewhere else to avoid getting attacked or leave their pets at home? Wolves were wiped out decades ago in Wisconsin for some very good reasons; just read the Wilder books or do some research in the State Archives. They were erased because they… Read more »

Karen LaFountain

You are so wrong and so misguided as to wolves attacking humans it is pitiful. I will not go into detail but surfice it to say there has not been one wolf related human fatality in the united states since the wolves were reintroduced. Now you may spin your horror wolf stories to other single minded wolf killers but most of us know the real facts. It’s the little red riding hood scare tactics all over again. Henry Thoreau best surmised and comprehended the tragedy of a broken ecosystem philisophically before we were able to comprehend scientifically. He stated “that… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

Great advice, if I suspect I’m being attacked by wolves, instead of pulling my pistol I’ll notify the USDA-WS.


I live in Anchorage AK suburb , A lot of pets within 1/4 mile go missing. Coyotes , black and brown bears having a snack. Want to keep your pets safe keep them close rather than running free in the woods. Illuminate pet areas , most predators don’t like lit areas . Occasionally baby moose run to my yard lights. The black bears are unafraid of my 100-140 German Shepard mix dogs even when I had 4. Living within wildlife areas is easy its stupid pet owners that let their dog chase something into the woods and then cry when… Read more »

joe wright

Shoot, shovel, and shut up. Tie any collar to a log and let it float down river.


These people know there is this wolf problem and do nothing ? Damn ! Get some rifles out and waste some wolves !