Natural Technology Solves Stinky Problems Associated With Hunting Activities

Odor Check Moisture & Odor Control System lauded by anglers, hunters and athletes alike.

 Odor Check Product
Odor Check Product ( )
 Odor Check
Odor Check

Crosslake, MN –-( With apologies to aerosol sprays, potpourri and those fragrant little pine trees hanging in cars, masking rotten odors with a stronger one doesn’t exactly solve the problem.

Same deal for tossing a bag of popcorn into your hunting boots, or dousing your gym bag with Drakkar—sometimes the battle between two strong scents results in something monumentally more funky than the original odor.

Who left their stinky hunting boots by the front door?

It’s why among anglers, hunters and other energetic individuals, the concept of total odor elimination is infinitely more attractive. Odor Check, ( )  a remarkably potent, 100-percent natural product provides a simple, clean means to both erase problematic aromas while completely absorbing odor-producing moisture.

Two non-toxic technologies—activated carbon molecules enveloped in specially designed odor-control fabric—come together to knock out bad smells and absorb moisture simultaneously, and in as little as 2 to 3 hours. Treated with Aegis Micro Shield®, an industry standard anti-microbial, Odor Check inserts provide further protection against bacteria, mold and mildew.

Odor Check pouches remove mildewy funk smells from boat storage areas.

Exhaustively tested by anglers, hunters, golfers and other folks with active lifestyles, Odor Check consistently removes negative scents from the equation, providing months of fresh protection.

Says veteran hunter Jeremy DeJesus, “Odor Check works. Not only does this product refresh hunting boots and other footwear, it also totally removes odors from my hunting clothing. Drop a pouch or two of Odor Check into a duffel bag containing your smelly apparel and it comes out completely odor and moisture free.”

“While farming, walking and hunting, my feet sweat quite a bit,” admits outdoor enthusiast Brian Mullen. “After leaving Odor Check in my boots overnight, they’re always dry and odor free.”

Say hello to hunting gear that doesn't smell like last season.

Adds active outdoorsman Richard Buckley: “It’s the only product I’ve seen that takes away odor and moisture without chemicals or electricity. These inserts are perfect for fishing, hunting and camping.”

Effective in any enclosed area where moisture and off-putting smells persist, Odor Check refreshes everything from gear and garment bags to boat storage, closets and gym lockers to fishing waders and even your old truck.

Simply place one or more Odor Check pouches anywhere they’re needed. In as little as a few hours, the special inserts dry out most shoes and equipment. Left overnight, or between games or outdoor outings, Odor Check provides full protection as well as prevention of future pungent problems.

Imbued with nontoxic, patented odor eliminating technology, Odor Check has become standard equipment for active individuals interested in putting only positive vibes into the atmosphere. Reusable for up to six months, Odor Check is safe and simple to use, not to menton affordable.

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