New Jersey Anti-Gun Laws, Jailing The Innocent

Oppresion New Jersey Style
New Jersey Anti-Gun Laws, Jailing The Innocent

BELLEVUE, WA – -( Pennsylvania single mom Shaneen Allen was pulled over for a traffic violation and volunteered information to a New Jersey police officer that she was carrying a legally-owned handgun with a Pennsylvania permit.

NJ does not recognize this PA gun law; she was arrested, jailed for 40 days, now faces trial and years in prison.

The judge and district attorney on Allen's case are the same two that gave ZERO jail time to NFL star Ray Rice for beating his wife unconscious in a New Jersey elevator.

New Jersey wants you to know that if you are visiting their state, you can beat your spouse unconscious just don't bring a legal firearm with a permit from your state.

Allen faces a 42 month jail sentence because of these ridiculous, unconstitutional New Jersey anti-gun laws. State laws like this are the reason we must contact our states to tell them how outrageous these laws and new proposals are.

We must send faxes to ALL 50 State Governors expressing how angry you are at the anti-gun laws popping up around the country and demand they not sign one more anti-gun law into their state. As Second Amendment Patriots, we will not stand for it!!

Shaneen Allen is a single mother from Philadelphia, PA, not far from the New Jersey line. She has no prior criminal offences. She was driving to NJ for a surprise party when her life changed for the worst.

Already having served 40 days in jail, Allen now faces a possible 42 month sentence and a trial scheduled for October 6th 2014. Anti-gunners are tickled by this story.

One such advocate said, “Fortunately, the notoriety of this case will make it less likely Pennsylvanians will carry concealed and loaded handguns in New Jersey, thereby making them and the Garden State safer from gun violence,”

According to this anti-gunner, having zero law-abiding Pennsylvanians conceal carrying handguns in New Jersey will reduce gun violence. Logic like this is why we have these ridiculous laws in place.

Gun Control Ahead
Gun Control Ahead

Allen made an honest, harmless mistake and she has paid dearly. She immediately told the officer she had a legal firearm from PA and showed her permit. Then she was immediately arrested. Should she not be rewarded for showing such honesty to the police officer?

Isn't that what we teach our children?

Her rights allow her to simply give the officer her license and registration. She did not have to give up the information about her firearm; she was being courteous to a police officer.

State Governors are the last defense from an outrageous anti-gun law. Once a law passes the state House and Senate the Governor has to sign it into law or he can veto the law.

We must continue to make a difference in each and every one of our states. When we band together we cannot be stopped. Anti-gun efforts bring in more than five times the money that we do every day but we continually knock down their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

We need to remember that when our Government was formed and our Constitution was written it was designed to give the people in the states, not the Government, the power to decide for themselves. In a time where Government is growing exponentially it is important to remember that the people in each state can control their own destiny and do not have to follow in the footsteps of big brother.

Since the re-election of Obama there has been constant pressure and threats toward our Second Amendment. The only way to counteract these threats is for Law Abiding gun owners to stand up against them. We must let our State Governors know we do not support any of these proposed anti-gun laws. We voted them in office, they work for us, and they need to protect the rights of our United States' law abiding citizens.

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Citizens For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms (CCRKBA)

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  • 7 thoughts on “New Jersey Anti-Gun Laws, Jailing The Innocent

    1. To The One:

      Unfortunately, even if he wanted to pardon her, he is POWERLESS to do so until she has been tried, convicted, and sentenced. The governor does not have the power to arbitrarily declare the Law invalid on a case-by-case basis. Even the Criminal in Chief Obama cannot pardon her at this point.

      This poor unfortunate woman is the victim of unconstitutional legislation that directly violates her, and our, RIGHTS.

      What we should do is start a petition to eject New Jersey from the Union and declare war on it.

    2. There needs to be an immediate petition to Governor Cristy to pardon this women as soon as possible or face the backlash at the ballot box in November.

    3. The anti-gun crowd sees no distinction between legal law-abiding gun owners and criminals. Guns are guns and all guns are dangerous. Guns kill people, and none of us will be safe until all guns are banned and out of civilian hands. They are hoping that this over-the-top prosecution (persecution) will send a clear and fearsome message to gun owners, that owning guns is no longer tolerated by intelligent and safety minded citizens. They believe that we all must sacrifice some rights for the safety and well-being of the whole and that we must lose our sense of individuality in favour of the communal group.

    4. I want to play devil’s advocate for a minute but first let me say I sympathize with Pennsylvania single mom Shaneen Allen. She made a mistake that should have been avoidable. I live in Kentucky and also have a concealed carry permit. When I took the course for my permit the subject of reciprocity, the joint legal agreement of contiguous states to recognize each others laws was strongly emphasized. Now keep in mind that Kentucky is surrounded by states that allow concealed carry and Kentucky residents do not fear traveling across our state lines, but Pennsylvania is mostly surrounded by rabid anti-gun states of New York and New Jersey. I cannot imagine how the Pennsylvania concealed carry course instructor would not drum that point into everyone’s head who sat in the classroom. If Shaneen Allen failed to pay attention it was her own fault.

    5. New Jersey has truly become the jackbooted equivalent of the oppressive European regime of the 1930’s. We are urging everyone to avoid travel through NJ. Do not visit NJ, do not purchase products.

      If you live in NJ, start planning now so you can move to a state that recognizes personal, God given freedoms.

      Dave Vann

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