Optical Store Employee Shoots, Kills Armed Robber, Wounds Accomplice

By AWR Hawkins

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Optical Store Employee Shoots, Kills Alleged Armed Robber, Wounds Accomplice
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On August 15 2014 an employee at Fox Point, Wisconsin's Innovative Optique shot and killed one alleged masked armed robber and wounded one of his alleged accomplices.

Reports indicate there were four suspects in total involved in the robbery–two who went inside armed and masked and two who waited in the car.

According to CBS 58 News, 22-year-old Joshua Drake, 20-year-old Tedric Sanders, “and two other men arrived at Innovative Optique around 12:30 p.m.” Then Drake and one of the other unnamed individuals allegedly donned masks and entered the store armed.

The brother of the store owner opened fire when one of the masked men began moving “to the back of the store to retrieve money.” Drake was shot and killed.

Not knowing who was shooting, Sanders tried to enter the store when he heard the gunfire but quickly reversed course when the employee began firing at him. Sanders was shot and wounded in the head and later arrested when he went to a hospital for treatment.

Sanders already faced charges “related to a robbery he allegedly committed at an eyewear store in Wauwatosa, WI.” He has now been charged with murder for his alleged role in the robbery that resulted in Drake's death.

He could receive up to 35 years if convicted.

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