Outdoor Industry Executives Warn North American Wildlife Conservation Model in Peril

Solution at Hand..

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Outdoor Industry Executives Warn North American Wildlife Conservation Model in Peril

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Arguably, the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is in peril.

But, there is a solution to not only preserve the model, but push it to new heights of success.

Technology is the answer.

“We must open up access to hunting and fishing for everyone, especially new generations,” says Powderhook visionary and CEO, Eric Dinger.

“I’m not talking just access to lands and waters, but access to information and easy participation. Improving access will save America’s outdoor heritage and industry.”

Substantial Evidence to Support Dinger’s Claims

According to Matthew C. Dunfee, conservation program specialist at the Wildlife Management Institute, the long-term viability of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is at risk.

Eric Dinger
Powderhook visionary and CEO, Eric Dinger.

According to Matthew C. Dunfee, conservation program specialist at the Wildlife Management Institute, the long-term viability of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is at risk.

“We are in critical need of a coordinated industry and agency-wide effort to improve hunter and shooter recruitment, retention and reactivation,” Dunfee admitted, “We need a 21st century solution.”

Powderhook offers the solution — a one-stop shop for accessing and planning hunting and fishing adventures. Powderhook is an online marketplace focused on access, resources and connecting would-be and avid outdoorsmen and women to hunting and fishing.

Although most states and many conservation organizations offer access programs, even some online, locating and retrieving the information quickly and easily is difficult at best.

Powderhook leads hunters and anglers to places where they may enjoy their pas-(<a title=”AmmoLand Reports” href=”https://www.ammoland.com/” target=”_self”>Ammoland.com</a>)- Search for access in your area.

Technology is the Solution to Access Challenges  and Reaching Future Generations of Hunters and Angles 

“Other industries are evolving at a pace our industry is not and the technology employed by those sectors makes it easier to compete for a would-be hunter’s or angler’s time,” Dinger explained. “The long-term viability of hunting, fishing and the North American Model hinge on the participation of new people and younger generations.”

They’re also the generations who rely almost solely on digital communications, cell phones and tablets and computers to find access to anything and everything they want to do. And, Generation Z, those who have never known life without the Internet, can’t be ignored.

“If our industry isn’t meeting their needs by providing a pathway that takes just three clicks to garner access, acquire licenses and permits, and plan an adventure, they’ll find something else to do,” Dinger warned.

Ninety-seven percent of 18-25 year olds use technology daily. Of all active sportsmen and women, 65-percent checked the Internet before planning or taking a trip or purchasing gear. Additionally, 45-percent of people say they would hunt and fish more if they had access — more access, better access and easier access.

Powderhook is the only company to bring access, land/water search functionality, booking and other services together in one space fully accessible online.

Connecting Gatekeepers With Current and Future Sportsmen and Women 

Where the future of hunting and fishing rely upon younger generations, the majority of private lands and access are held by an older segment, which is less virtually connected. This creates a potentially devastating void between the gatekeepers and those seeking access.

With Powderhook, private landowners have a set of tools through which they may safely donate and/or sell access. Those looking for access can find it in a few clicks. In addition, landowners can be sure those who use their lands are covered by liability insurance. Powderhook is the only company in the industry to insure every outing sold through its platform.

Public land access is also readily available via Powderhook’s powerful tools. More than 500 million acres already are listed on the website and can also be reviewed through mobile apps.

Outdoor Industry Coming Together Behind Technology 

Powderhook already has a number of important partners on board, including the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), Mossy Oak, Bass Pro Shops, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, Outdoor Life and others.

NWTF Executive Vice President Doug Saunders was one of the first industry leaders to see the vision.

“We’re looking to Powderhook to bring some of the technology answers we know our industry sorely needs,” Saunders said.

“Our organization’s “Save the Habitat” and “Save the Hunt” initiatives fall directly in line with Powderhook’s ideas. As a new name in the outdoor community, Powderhook has a lot of building to do and trust to earn, but I encourage those with a stake in the North American Model to take a look at what they’re building.”

Dinger knows the breadth of the tools Powderhook brings to the industry is unprecedented.

Powderhook Helps: 

1. Private landowners with liability concerns
2. Enable guides/outfitters/charters and lodges to fill more openings
3. Assist states in generating license sales
4. Connect landowners with hunters, anglers with boat owners, and
5. Help organizations to promote access programs, sell seats at banquets and much more.

“We’re working every day to bring the industry we love together to solve the most important challenge facing our sports and our heritage, “Access for All,” Dinger said.


About Powderhook’s Leadership

Heath Roehr, David Nelson and Eric Dinger: Rocket Scientists, Land Managers and Business Gurus

Developing the digital communications and connections platform the outdoor industry requires was no simple task, that’s why Dinger enlisted the technology expertise of both rocket scientists and marketing and land management/access gurus.

Heath Roehr, Powderhook’s VP of Engineering formerly worked for Textron as a software engineer on the Scorpion Jet project — a light-attack fighter aircraft designed to be one of the most configurable and inexpensive in its class. He also worked with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and NASA on the Solar Probe Plus mission. An entrepreneur, Roehr was a founder of both a tech startup and software consulting service in Lincoln, Nebraska. Speaking of Nebraska, he’s also no stranger to the outdoors having grown up in both the eastern and western parts of the state.

David Nelson, Powderhook’s VP of Customer Acquisitions, was previously involved in the habitat side of the outdoors with Farmers National Hunting Lease Network and as senior manager of Cabela’s Trophy Properties, where he was responsible for developing and managing a private recreational property listing service consisting of more than 350 independent recreational real estate brokers from North America and around the world

Eric Dinger, Powderhook’s visionary and CEO is a veteran of the start-up world. He founded the Web development and brand strategy company Thought District. Dinger has been recognized by several groups with entrepreneurial awards and sits on his alma-mater’s young alumni board and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

Review Powderhook’s Frequently Asked Questions: Mission statement, business plan, principals, No. American Model of Wildlife Conservation Principals.

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Predator control especially wolves. We need game to hunt that has turned into wolf scat and you will have hunters.

State Agencies have been infiltrated with anti-hunters.


close the boarders & get control of the population before our country looks like the Eco Disaster called India…