Shooting Sport for Aging Eyes & Byron Takes Aim at an Aspirin – Shooting USA

F-Class Competative Target Shooting
F-Class Competative Target Shooting
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

USA – -( Shooting USA – USPSA Open Nationals – F-Class Rifle

It’s the relatively new sport with scoped rifles shooting on the ranges that normally host service rifle and high power competition.  F-Class recognizes that some competitors now have aging eyes, sighting on 600 yard targets. But the popularity of F-Class isn’t just with old folks.

Plus, the gangsters’ choice in the 1920s, the modified 1907 Winchester, that’s now one of History’s rarer guns.  And the team and the coach from Lindenwood University with an incredible record in the shotgun sports.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – High Speed Aerials

Byron Ferguson shows us his most popular shots.  Shooting wood disks, plastic balls, and life savers out of the air with his longbow; but this time you’ll see everything in super slow-motion with a high speed camera.  Then Byron goes for the Impossible Shot, hitting and powdering an aspirin in the air. Plus Master Gunfighter Cisko tries fast draw action in the dark.  See how fast Cisko can shoot when the lights go out.


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RM3G in Raton:

Nestled in the high desert terrain of New Mexico, multi-gun competitors from across the country are gathering at the NRA Whittington Center. It’s JP Rifles’s Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Match, and both John Scoutten and Scott McGregor are there to take on the challenge! Follow along throughout the week as our crew captures the action of one of the most demanding 3-Gun challenges of the year.

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Byron Ferguson
Byron Ferguson
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