Six Q’s with the Hollywood Hunter – Freddy Harteis

Freddy Harteis, The Hollywood Hunter
Freddy Harteis, The Hollywood Hunter

California – – Freddy Harteis is not just a big game hunter who grew up a flatlander and now splits his time between La-La Land and his hunting ranch in Colorado – but he’s also an avid conservationist and believer in creating a great experience – be it for his TV viewers on Hollywood Hunter TV or those who visit him at Harteis Ranch.

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Q: What would you tell someone starting out in outdoor TV?  

A: The greatest advice I’ve discovered is just to be you!  Find your niche and stand out.  Don’t do what everyone else does…become one-of-a-kind in the industry and keep a positive attitude as you start following your dream.

Q: Is there still a show or episode out there that is your “dream” to film?

A: I have been very blessed to fulfill many of my bucket list hunts.  One that stands out to me that I want to do is an Asian Water Buffalo hunt.  I am very passionate about hunting dangerous game with the bow.  Professional Hunters claim that your odds of being charged by an Asian Water Buffalo are one in three times of stalking them.  Very dangerous and intense…just the way I like it!

Q: Is there a hunt you wish you could recreate?

A: The hunt I wish I could recreate was the last hunt I had with my late father.  May of 2013 was the last time I had seen my father.  We were on a turkey hunt on the Harteis Ranch and I wish I could go back and have this hunt filmed and share all the words of gratitude I have for my father and the life lessons he taught me.  Hunting was not a sport; it was our way of life.  I thank God for the years my dad had given me and want others to cherish their time with family as well.

Q: Tell us about a time where you, or a guest, really blew it during the hunt.

A:  It was an elk hunt at the Harteis Ranch where to this day the biggest 7×7 bull elk we’ve ever seen came out to the water hole at 5:30 p.m.  I drew the bow as he was turning to walk away and didn’t range the elk.  I shot below him at 40 yards and missed the biggest bull of my life.  I was sick for weeks.  I have since learned to range all the areas around me and never draw the bow until I feel confident I know the range of the animal. This bull was a 400-class animal.

Q: August is Treestand Safety Awareness Month and we understand you have a treestand story to share. Tell us more about that.

A: I met the president of the PCBA – Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America and we became good friends. I joined them on one of their hunts in Ohio and my life was changed!  I met several hunters who had been paralyzed from falling out of a treestand.  After spending a few days with these men and hearing their stories, I realized how much they had taught me about not only my personal safety, but also preparing my clients on the Harteis Ranch.  I swear I will never get into a tree without a safety harness, which is why I work with Treestand Buddy. Learn more about PCBA at

Q: What fun facts about yourself are you hiding?   

A: My favorite food is Vietnamese Pho…Pho Bo View = Soup with Meatballs. Amazing! My favorite thing to do with my wife Jeannie is eat!  We both love to try all the new food joints in Cali.

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