Soon-to-Be-Released Clinton Records Show Attempts to Shackle Militia

By AWR Hawkins

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Files scheduled to be released from Clinton White House records will show his efforts to shackle militias and set up a “strict licensing system” for paramilitary groups, Politico reports.

In other words, gun control was to be complemented–and in places, supplemented–by people control.

According to Politico, the release is certain to raise the ire of citizens already concerned about “enhancing government surveillance powers and regulating armed groups of U.S. citizens.”

Upon release, the files are expected to show that Clinton’s plans ran into trouble when his own attorneys “feared that some of the proposals could violate the Constitution.” The files are also expected to show how then-adviser Dick Morris found a way that Clinton “could press forward against the militias.”

In the end, Clinton did not press forward with his desire to shackle militias or impose a “strict licensing system” on paramilitary groups. But he “did propose greater legal authority to obtain phone records … as well as hotel, airline, and bus details” relating to militias and paramilitary groups.

Most of these proposals became law and were later broadened into the Patriot Act following the 9/11 attacks.

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Bp. David

That is very believable with his attacks on innocent woman and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge. But I cannot believe that any of Butch Reno’s attorneys would caution Slick that he was about to violate the Constitution. It must have been some of his Monica Ho-Down attorneys that he had to pay for himself.


Old Shooter – News Flash!! It’s still the law that all 18-y/o’s must register with Selective Service…your local post office probably has a sign posted to that effect. “If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service. It’s the law. According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday.”


In the days our Constitution and Bill of Rights was authored, ‘well regulated’ defines to ‘in good working order’, not to be confused with ‘government regulation(s)’ or ‘restrictions’.

I say, your timepiece is well regulated.

Old Shooter

Selective Service age ?. I thought that S/S was a thing of the past


With America’s enemies all around us, maybe it’s time to make firearms proficiency mandatory for Boy Scouts and all males of Selective Service Age? That would set the record straight on what ‘well regulated’ is and means, and that includes those who take it upon themselves to be proficient in arms.