Spiritual Outdoor Adv. with Jimmy Sites Travels to Texas this Week on Pursuit Channel

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures
Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites
Pursuit Channel
Pursuit Channel

Glenwood, AL -(Ammoland.com)- John Carter Cash; son of the Man in Black, joins Jimmy and Amanda Sites for some exciting hunting in sub-zero temperatures in the hill country of Texas.

Also in camp are TeamSOA hunter Ricky Pena and his daughter Carly. A great mix of both archery and rifle hunts, with some exciting stalking action.

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites airs on the Pursuit Channel Tuesdays at 1:30 a.m., Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 6:30 a.m. EST.

The award-winning Spiritual Outdoor Adventures series is in its thirteenth season on the air and is produced and hosted by the 2014 Legends Hall of Fame American Sportsman of the Year, Dr. Jimmy Sites. Jimmy, his wife Amanda, and TeamSOA friends travel the world in search of great hunting adventures with both bow and gun. Most important, they share a faith-based message each week from God’s Word and offer free “Heart of the Outdoor” Bibles to any viewer who does not own a Bible.

Industry Partners for Spiritual Outdoor Adventures are Bass Pro Shops, Trijicon, Cargo Buckle, IMMI, Morrell, Mathews, Long Branch Lakes, C’Mere Deer, Muzzy, Eastern European Mission (EEM), MTM Case-Gard, Extinct Scent Eliminator, Redneck Blinds, Specialty Archery, X-Factor, Vapor Trail Scents, Great Day Inc., Huntmore, Hook 1 Kayak, and Gold’s Gym.

Visit Spiritual Outdoor Adventures to get up-to-date information about giveaways, adventure trips, find direct links to sponsors, and to watch videos. You can also find dozens of resources in the Store, and order a free outdoor Bible.

About The Pursuit Channel

Pursuit Channel, active in more than 42 million U.S. television households including HD linear and O.T.T feeds, is the only audited outdoors television network viewable to every DIRECTV (604 PRST) and DISH Network (393 PRST) subscriber. MOOSE Media, directs sales and marketing efforts for Pursuit Channel.

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