Tacprogear BLACK releases The Citadel Series Hard Armor Plates

Made in the USA, the Citadel™ Series of NIJ certified Ceramic and Polyethylene plates are available for law enforcement, private security and military personnel

Tacprogear BLACK Citadel Plates
Tacprogear BLACK Citadel Plates
Tacprogear BLACK
Tacprogear BLACK

Delray Beach, Fla. (Ammoland.com) – Tacprogear BLACK, the exclusive line of American-made products offered by Tacprogear, now includes the Citadel Series of hard armor plates.

The plates have been tested and certified to NIJ STD 0101.06 for the application of concealable body armor, external carriers, plate carriers and tactical body armor.

The NIJ Compliant Citadel Series is available in a multi-curve full-size (FS), SAPI/ESAPI (SE) and Shooter’s (SH) configurations in 8”x10”, 10”x12” and the full range of SAPI sizes from XS through XL. Independently tested and certified single-curve plates are available in full-size side plates in 6”x6”, 6”x8” and 7”x8”.

The Citadel 36 Series are Ultra-Lightweight hard body armor plates made from 100% polyethylene with a polyurea or 1000D Cordura protective cover. The Citadel 36 Series is one of the lightest weight NIJ compliant stand-alone level III plates on the market today.

The Citadel 32 Series are made from polyethylene and ceramic with a polyurea protective cover. The 32 series is a NIJ III Plus protection type plate with Special Threat Testing in accordance with an abbreviated and modified NIJ Standard 0101.06 and Tacprogear Testing Protocol.

The Citadel 30 Series are made from 100% polyethylene with a polyurea protective cover. The 30 series has also received Special Threat Testing and is NIJ III Plus tested.

All Tacprogear Citadel hard armor plates have been designed and manufactured to meet or exceed U.S. Military and National Institute of Justice performance standards. The Tacprogear advantage lies in their ability to develop products that provide protection against a wide array of threats with the need for reduced weight at the greatest value.

Product inquiries can be made on the site, by emailing [email protected], or calling (561) 865-7279.


About Tacprogear:
Tacprogear is a leading manufacturer of tactical equipment used by professionals around the globe. The Tacprogear product lines include apparel, armor, bags and packs, pockets and pouches, footwear, accessories and more.

Bridging the gap between outdoor functionality and real world requirements, Tacprogear is designing new solutions through the innovative use of lightweight materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques. Tacprogear relies heavily upon the constant feedback and input from operators in the field, and seeks to continually evolve the product offerings. Tacprogear BLACK, launched in 2014, features an exclusive line of American Made, Mission Specific products which are all manufactured in South Florida. www.tacprogear.com and www.tacprogearblack.com

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