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The Future of the Gun
The Future of the Gun
Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

Mandeville, LA -( It’s an update on the out-of-state mother arrested on gun charges in New Jersey, a new provocative book on the future of firearms, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Attorney Evan Nappen is currently waging a court battle for the release of Pennsylvania mother Shaneen Allen. Allen was driving through New Jersey with a gun in her car when she was stopped for a traffic violation.

She spent 46 days in jail, and is now heading to trial. Nappen stops by on Sunday to explain the case, and why it’s important to all gun owners. You can read more about her case, and donate to her legal defense fund, at EvanNappen.

Alan Gottlieb, of the Second Amendment Foundation, visits with Tom on Sunday to discuss the legacy of the recently departed Jim Brady, updates on the many cases SAF is fighting in court, and the upcoming 26th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference hosted by SAF and CCRKBA this September in Chicago.

Author Frank Miniter is back at Gun Talk to discuss his latest thought-provoking novel, this one titled, The Future of the Gun. In it, Miniter examines the evolving firearm technologies that currently exist – and ones still in development – and how the anti-gun crowd is actually hampering the advancement efforts of companies, designers and creators. Buy Miniter’s new book at Amazon.

Frank Fiamingo and his group the New Jersey Second Amendment Society is also fighting for the release of Shaneen Allen, and against the gun laws in New Jersey that continually trap visitors and residents of the state every year. Fiamingo drops by with information on how you can help. Start by becoming a member today.

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