This Week on Mojo TV: Canadian Dreams at Ranchland

Canadian Dreams At Ranchland (Part 2 of 3)

Terry and the Mojo Mallard head to Canada for 7 days of hunting

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Canada -( Terry and the Mojo Mallard head to Canada for 7 days to hunt with Rob Reynolds of Ranchland Outfitters.

Though the temperatures are cold the hunting is hot. This year the action is as good as it gets as Mallard drakes flood into a spread of spinning wing decoys hunt after hunt (PART 2 of 3)! Plus, Special guests Hannah & Kaylee stop by to show you “How to Plug up Your Boat” on Saturday’s all new episode of MOJO TV.

They are highly entertaining and informative (well, more entertaining than informative) so you will not want to miss any of these episodes!

New episodes premiere Saturdays at 3:30 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel.

This season, Mojo will bring to you some of the zany hunting tips from our special friend and Louisiana duck hunting guide Hannah Hughes. Hannah along with her good friend Kaylee Patrick have become Facebook and YouTube sensations with their wildly popular Hannah & Kaylee Show. These girls love to laugh and whether it’s their combination of Cajun-Redneck-Hillbilly upbringing that make them so loveable or just the sight of a couple of pretty ole country girls in a set of muddy waders that trips your trigger, you’ll want to catch them on a weekly basis.

Hannah & Kaylee
Hannah & Kaylee

Here’s a clip of one of their crazy videos:

You can also go to the MOJO facebook to keep up with these two including the times and dates that they will be on the show.

About Hannah & Kaylee

Hannah and Kaylee went to school together at UCA in Farmerville, LA and after school weren’t pulled back together until a chance meeting a few years later at a friend’s wedding in New Orleans. They soon learned how each of their crazy personalities fed off of one another and it wasn’t long before they were cruising the backroads of Louisiana where their love of classic junk, Dr. Peppers, cheap traveling and old country music brought these two asphalt queens into your household in their popular rolls on The Hannah and Kaylee show. This Facebook sensation began only months ago but already has a following of over 300,000.

About Ranchland Outfitters

Ranchland Outfitters offers First Class Waterfowl Hunts and Big Game hunts in Alberta, Canada. We have Greater Canada Geese, Lesser Canada Geese, Specks, Snows, Ross’ Geese, Mallards, and Pintails. Come to Alberta, Canada and hunt with us this year. If you want to hunt geese, ducks, or deer we have them all. If you are looking for an Outfitter that cares about each hunt, look no further. Ranchland Outfitters is a First Class Waterfowl and Big Game Outfitter.


The Show is hosted by professional hunter and long time TV personality, Terry Denmon, and co-hosted by Outdoor TV and Video Pioneer, Mike Morgan, and MOJO’s General Manager, Chuck Smart. The MOJO Team takes you around the world on exciting waterfowl, predator, turkey, and big game hunts with a style that brings the “Magic” of MOJO to the screen.