Tools not Trophies

Tool not Trophies; Fighting guns are supposed to be tough, not pretty.
Tool not Trophies; Fighting guns are supposed to be tough, not pretty.
Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi (AmmolandEvery firearms instructor worth their salt will tell you that when it comes to choosing a defensive handgun, or any firearm for that matter, that function is the number one consideration. That advice is really is a no-brainer or a truism.

We give constant lip service to the fact that the top quality of any firearm chosen for combat or fighting is reliability. However, the truth of the situation is that more than a few online tactical gurus and gun shop experts favor popular mythology over reality based on experience and fact.

For instance, the non-stop drivel about the .45 ACP overshadowing the 9x19mm cartridge in the “stopping-power” arena still abounds.  First of all, there is put a fraction of a difference between the actual ballistic performance of either cartridge. Secondly, as they are both handgun rounds, the use of the term “stopping-power” is a bit ridiculous. Such an argument would be akin to debating over whether the Toyota Prius or Ford Focus would be the better choice for the Talladega 500.

When it comes to adding accessories or upgrading a fighting gun, there are practical or functional add-ons and their are cosmetics. Cosmetics are fine. Hell, everyone likes to put their own special touches on their property; cars, motorcycles and guns all fall into that category.

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Yeah, suddenly all these new to the game experts are saying the old (and actually out of date) energy level is jive–true except when it comes to tank rounds. With hand guns energy is jive but a comparison basis regardless slower hardly delivers much energy — but wound channels both temporary and temperament are a different thing. And it has been proven many thousands of times the slow moving .45 ACP round is a right damn now fight stopper. And anyone who has seen a body (I have) after a 158 grain .357 mag. (with a simple non-high tech. solid)… Read more »


Try telling that to the cops who switched from 9mm or the men fighting overseas in the early years of the Gulf.
They went out and bought their own .45 to replace the gov. Issued 9mm.
Just because you have more ammo in the mag isn’t a reason to switch to a 9mm. It could be seen as a warning that you’ll actually need more that 7 rounds!