Vietnam Veterans for Factual History to Be Featured on CSPAN

Vietnam War
Vietnam Veterans for Factual History to Be Featured on CSPAN
Vietnam Veterans for Factual History
Vietnam Veterans for Factual History

Missouri City, Texas –-( On August 5th 2014, the Vietnam Veterans for Factual History challenged a number of Vietnam War protesters to a debate at the National Press Club on eve of the 50th Anniversary of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.

Though some responded, none were willing to come forward to debate, so we went ahead and gave a presentation as to why the Vietnam War was NOT “illegal,” “immoral” and “unwinnable” as they, and much of academia, claim.

That presentation was captured by C-Span and they have announced that they will air it on Monday September 1st on C-SPAN 3’s American History TV. The program will air on Monday, September 1 at 4:45pm ET.

Here is a link to their webpage that promotes the program on the C-Span website:

(There is a package with the press release and handout from the Event and instruction for viewing the C-Span coverage at .)

It is important to all of us that as many people as possible view this program. First, it is an excellent presentation of what many of us have felt all these many years and have not heard expressed so well as was done by an academic historian/veteran, a Vietnamese intellectual, and a retired Marine Colonel.

Second, if C-Span gets a significant viewership for this program, it will encourage them to do more on the Vietnam War. (One reason they agreed to cover us is because they had had what they considered significant success with a previous program on the Vietnam War.)

And Third, if there is a strong interest from you, it will be more likely that when we go back to them for coverage of other related issues, they will be more interested. Given that there are expectations of bad histories due to come out, this would be an important media for us to use to combat same.


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About Vietnam Veterans for Factual History
As veterans who served in the war, and remained very conscious of its history, we have become concerned that the 1978 prediction of Guenter Lewy has proven to be all too accurate. He wrote “Mythology, half-truth and falsehood concerning events in Vietnam abound and, unless corrected, will enter the textbooks for the mis-education of our children. Visit:

  • 5 thoughts on “Vietnam Veterans for Factual History to Be Featured on CSPAN

    1. This whole “documentary” is nothing short of another rehashing of every alleged evil thing the Americans did and a systematic cover-up of the atrocities routinely committed by the communists. We Viet Nam Veterans need to instigate a class action suit against these lying scum who perpetrate this crap.

    2. Vietnam was classic mission creep. We left Vietnam when key very credible Hawks in the White House cabinet started asking hard questions about why we were there? what our mission? and objectives were. In the end the only rational for continuing the war was American credibility. Someone had to pull the plug on Vietnam. Yes we could have continued the war but at what cost.
      The war was corrosive on every level including producing an officer corps that was encouraged to lie about body counts etc.

      1. @Jeffie, our idiot political leaders in the National Command Authority were corrosive. The NCA decided body count as a measure of progress. That is the very definition of attrition warfare. LBJ and Macnamara did not know any better. The problem was not the war. Combat is just another form of work. Nor was it the military forces. We know our jobs. The problem of not knowing our objectives and any corrosion rests squarely on the shoulders of the NCA.

    3. Most people don’t realize the NVA and Viet Cong were on their knees after Tet and could have been defeated at that point if the cowardly LBJ hadn’t been afraid of angering the commies.

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