When Texas Takes On The President, It Becomes ‘A State of Treason’

A State Of Treason
A State Of Treason

Spring, TX – -(Ammoland.com)- With mid-term elections right around the corner, David Thomas Roberts couldn't have timed the release of his new book any better. Patriotic to the core, and passionate about all things ‘Texas,' this is Roberts' second foray into the political thriller arena.

A State of Treason (http://tiny.cc/7rrskx) is a hair-raising cautionary tale that throws liberty-loving Texans and their governor into a whirlwind of danger in their fight for freedom.

“The book is sure to have an impact on anyone who feels the government is threatening individual liberties by overstepping their power in open contempt of the Constitution,” says Roberts.

Thanks to a U.S. President with outward contempt for the Founding Fathers and the limits of the U.S. Constitution, and an administration that is constantly embroiled in scandals, the U.S. electorate is more polarized than in any other time in modern history.

Determined to eradicate its political enemies, namely the Tea Party, the administration orders unconstitutional actions that include warrantless arrests of its Texas members.

As the Governor of Texas (self-described mortal enemy of the president) orders the rescue of a Tea Party organizer being held by the feds, it sets off a cataclysmic power struggle between officials in Texas and Beltway politicians that results in arrest warrants of duly elected state officials.

As history has shown us, there is a price for freedom, and as the ripple effect of the crisis in Texas is felt around the world, the president suspends the 2nd Amendment and declares martial law in a frantic attempt to stop the people of Texas voting for Independence.

Texas is now in A State of Treason…

Mirroring many events in our country today, the book is already drawing high praise in early reviews. Readers agree it has all the twists, turns and intrigue of a Vince Flynn novel with an electrifying pace that keeps them frantically turning pages, but not wanting it to end. Destined to become another bestseller, Roberts' latest novel is an adrenaline-pumping read all the way to its climactic ending!

What the reviewers are saying;

Steve Toth (R), Candidate for Texas Senate: “Any people whose obsession is liberty will be the first to feel the tyrant's hand. While Liberty is the focus of Texas, Texas is the focus of Washington's unrelenting attack on a free people…[Book] depicts our current day struggle to remain free at any cost.”

Heidi Hansing Theiss: Radio Host/Tea Party Activist/City Council Member: “…This book illustrates how important it is to elect liberty-loving leaders who are more willing to rebel than compromise…[Book] is ripped from today's headlines – the federal government is indeed lawless, anti-Constitutional, and oppressive. Tyranny is devouring our freedom and Texans must soon decide how long these evils are sufferable. Because when Texans finally say “Enough is enough!” we will enter a long-delayed State of Treason and there will be no option other than to win – or die.”

Dave Mundy, General Manager & Editor, The Gonzales Cannon Newspaper: “…A gutsy political thriller with non-stop action, combining Tom-Clancyesque technical and political detail alongside dialogue and fast-moving action reminiscent of Western novels. The fast-paced action follows a broad cast of characters in both the White House and in Austin as Roberts weaves a tale that is very fanciful without being completely unbelievable.”

Johnny Johnson, 9th District of Texas Congressional Candidate: “… paused at 0654 hours with tears still streaming down my face! I say ‘paused'….. NOT FINISHED…. Simply because the idea the tyranny can be eradicated is the folly of man. Hence this novel, ringing of today's malfeasance…. is the living reminder that to be free demands not only eternal vigilance, but scheduled watering of blood…. of both tyrants and patriots!!” 

David Roberts is a sought-after speaker, serial entrepreneur and successful businessman. Active in politics, he frequently speaks to groups regarding business and Constitutional issues and is a requested speaker for statewide Tea Party organizations. Roberts is the Founder and CEO of Teligistics, Inc., a leading global telecom technology solutions and consulting provider, handling complex telecommunications contracts of many Fortune 500® clients. His white papers and other published works are considered the industry-standard for Best Practices regarding the sourcing of telecom-related services, and he has served as an expert witness in numerous high-profile telecommunications trials.

Recently adding a publishing company to his list of business ventures, Roberts also owns and operates a music recording studio geared for Texas country artists. As a published author, he is proving a hot contender in the political thriller genre; his first novel Patriots of Treason having hit several bestsellers lists. His inaugural business book on entrepreneurship is slated to be released late this year.

He lives with his wife of thirty years in Montgomery County, Texas, and is the proud father of four children and has one grandchild. For information, please visit: www.astateoftreason.com.

Available at online at Amazon ( http://tiny.cc/7rrskx ) and author's website
A State of Treason
Publisher: Defiance Press
August 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9905439-0-9 Hard Cover
ISBN: 978-0-9905439-1-6 Paperback

One thought on “When Texas Takes On The President, It Becomes ‘A State of Treason’

  1. Although this novel is hypothetical, it seems to address a real-world, highly possible, maybe even probable, scenario, giving what the criminal in the White House has done so far.

    Should a president try such actions, especially toward Texas, rest assured that we Texans WILL defend our Freedom, Liberty, Constitution, and State. And that, my friends, you can count on.

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