AR-15 Podcast 089 – Fads and Fetishes of The AR World

AR-15 Podcast
AR-15 Podcast

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See the show notes for details on the build specs on the most recent updates such as the Eotech CQB optic!

One of the features that makes the AR platform such a popular and enduring rifle among shooting enthusiasts is its modularity. In fact, the AR accessories and mods are very nearly an industry unto themselves. This week, Reed and J.W. bring you episode 90 with fads and fetishes of the AR.

One fast growing buzz is one handed shooting, “pistol” style. Manufacturers are embracing the trend and producing items like Sig Sauer’s stabilizing brace for one handed shooting. Be sure to check state, local, and federal laws where applicable.

Another wildly popular fad, among shooters and non shooters alike, is the resurgence of the zombie genre. Everything from Hornady’s Z-Max ammo to “zombie green” rifle accessories are in the market now. And of course the zombie shoot events being organized across the country. As a lasting trend, it’s yet to be seen. But Reed points out that  events like these are a great way for new shooters to get familiar with their rifles.

Finally, the guys delve into the tacti-cool gear flooding the market. Is it fun? Sure. Is it useful? The guys weigh in on some of the less practical seeming items.

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