Another Wolf Kill, Wisconsin ‘Introduced Wolf’ Killing Spree Total 19 Dead or Injured

Wolves Kill
Wisconsin wolves kill more family pets.
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Wisconsin  –-( On August 31 2014, Wisconsin Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed an 11 year old Plott/Walker bear hound. The attack occurred in the Town of Emery, Price County.

That bring s the total family pets killed or injured by re-introduced wolves this Summer to nineteen and climbing. (See Chart Below)

Anyone suspecting or needing to report a wolf attack in northern Wisconsin should call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 (in state) or 715-369-5221. In southern Wisconsin call 1-800-433-0663 (in state) or 920-324-4514.

More information and a caution area map are available on the gray wolf webpage.

Hunters are reminded to use the caution area maps on the DNR website (, keyword “wolf management”) to help reduce conflicts during this year's bear dog training and hunting season.

Depredation dateCountyDogsMore information
1/1/2014Clark1 dog killed (Running Walker Cross, male, 8 years)Map/Information
1/18/2014Price1 dog killed (Beagle, female, 3 years)Map/Information
3/19/2014Bayfield1 dog killed (Walker, male, 2 years)Map/Information
6/23/2014Bayfield1 dog killed (Labrador, male, 7 years)Map/Information
7/13/2014Iron1 dog killed (Red Tick, female, 6 years)Map/Information
7/22/2014Jackson1 dog killed (Plott, female, 5 years)Map/Information
8/1/2014Forest1 dog killed (Plott, female, 4 years)
1 dog killed (Plott, female, 1 years)
1 dog injured (Plott, male, 4 years)
8/4/2014Iron1 dog killed (Plott, male, 6 years)Map/Information
8/9/2014Iron1 dog killed (Walker/Blue Tick, female, 4 years)Map/Information
8/15/2014Price1 dog killed (Plott, female, 1 years)Map/Information
8/17/2014Price1 dog killed (Black and Tan, male, 11 years)Map/Information
8/23/2014Florence1 dog killed (Plott, female, 7 years)
1 dog injured (Plott, female, 2 years)
2 dogs injured (Plott, male, 2 years)
1 dog injured (Plott, male, 6 years)
8/31/2014Price1 dog killed (Plott/Walker, female, 11 years)Map/Information
  • 17 thoughts on “Another Wolf Kill, Wisconsin ‘Introduced Wolf’ Killing Spree Total 19 Dead or Injured

    1. To educate those that don’t know. The majority of the dogs on the list are bear hunting dogs. They were killed by the wolves when they ran a bear up a tree and were baying at it. The noise draws the wolves and they attack the dogs. The wolves did NOT migrate. They were transplanted by the DNR several years ago in northern wisconsin. They had a lot of them radio collard to keep track of them. They multiply like rabbits and that’s why they opened a hunting season for them.

    2. Living in rural AZ now, we have the AZG&F and the USF&W introducing the Mexican Wolf into areas where they were before and into new areas. I was neutral about it but when I read the rules about what you can do legally to protect your pets and livestock from these predators, I was stunned.

      Under no circumstances can you use deadly force to protect a pet-anywhere, on a hike or even your backyard. You’re supposed to stand there and watch Fluffy or Spot get killed.
      Nature follows the path of least resistance. If you allow wolves to kill pets and livestock, which are easy prey for them, they are not going to cull the weak and injured game animals. They’re going to take the easy meals, dogs and calves.

      Naturally, in the local paper’s online commenting system, most of the proponents were big city lefties who have never hunted for anything more than a parking space and know nothing about the area as the locals do.
      As here, they insult locals as “stupid,” “inbreeds” and “gun lickers.”

      I lived in WI for over 20 years, the wolves migrated there. Their populations increased and we have these problems. Now there is a small but scientifically designed hunting and trapping season.
      We will see a balance return along with a fear of humans and their property- pets and livestock.

    3. The implication that wolves were “introduced” to Wisconsin is completely absurd and eliminates of all hope of credibility of anything appearing in this article or anywhere else on this website. Wolves were extirpated due to people’s fear and wolves from Minnesota and Michigan eventually simply walked back in to settle into the vacated suitable habitat.

      When bear hunters and others intentionally bring their dogs into known and mapped wolves territories, it’s really stupid to complain when some dogs are injured or killed.

    4. Mike, please join Gary and remove yourself from the gene pool – you’re also an idiot. If you’re not willing to do that, at least learn how to spell before you call others inbred.

    5. when these worthless inbreds let their dugs run free in the wild, that’s a risk these inbreds take. this inbreds got there dogs killed because they are irresponsible owners. IP #

    6. Dont think these dogs were tracking or hunting wolves when attacked.Maybe,but I dont think so. Can’t really tell from these articles what these people are doing in that part of the country. These sound like pack kills with the wolves doing the stalking. I never read about any hunters with a 308 along with the their dogs when these attacks happen.

    7. OMG the anti hunting comments on here are from the stupidest people ever. You dumb asses, these are country people who own hunting dogs, not fluffy lap dogs and yes they love their pets like one of the family. FYI you can not hunt wolves with dogs, anywhere in the USA. Yes I agree it is only a matter of time before someone’s child is killed playing in a back yard then let see all you calling for more wolves, NOT. The blood will be on your hands then.

    8. If it is a coincidence, it’s certainly a strange one that virtually every dog listed on the chart is a hunting breed. Were they all out hunting wolves as encouraged by their so-called “guardians”? These people know all too well that they are jeopardizing their “pets”, yet they continue to do so. It’s an outrage that taxpayers are likely paying these folks reimbursement fees when the dogs are killed. Hounding should be banned, along with traps and snares. They have all outlived their usefullness – time to go.

    9. It wouldn’t bother me one little bit to see every large and dangerous predator on the planet, other than man, hunted to extinction. Wolves, bears, crocodiles, lions, tigers, leopards, all of them. Good riddance.

    10. How pathetic! if you take your dogs to hunt wolves and they get killed that is your fault. If you live where they wolf lives then watch your pets dont blame the wolf for your lack of responsibility! You people make me sick! ***TERMS OF SERVICE VIOLATION*** IP Address

    11. Yes, I somewhat agree with Huard. And I am a gun licker as well. These seem to be hunting dogs that end up being hunted themselves. That’s the risk you take when you let your hounds run unattended. Live and learn. Wolves are part of nature and deserve to live just as all other living things do.

    12. What do you expect to happen when you send these hounds out to kill wolves? They have the right to defend themselves. Did you think they were just going to lay down and let your dogs maul them to die.

    13. I live in Price Co and was just talking the other day how I love living in woods where I must RESPECT the “wild” in them. Not tame them. Not destroy them. Not own them. RESPECT them. These animals die because their owners are stupid and disrespectful of WILD LIFE. And it doesn’t hurt that they get PAID for each dog that dies. More fear-mongering about wolves. Just what we need. If that’s not enough, the ads to the right are not so subtle in fearmongering racial violence. The more fear, the more “need” for guns. Man up, and hunt your animals one-on-one.

    14. You guys are unbelievable. These are hunting hounds not family pets. They live their whole lives outside on chains when they aren’t used as weapons against coyotes and bears. Wolves were not reintroduced they rein habitués their former territory. Is it too much to ask you gun lickers to be factual?

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