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New Roads, LA -( Most deer hunters are well educated on the benefits of providing supplemental feed for their deer. Supplemental feed provides nutrition, attraction and action.

Research shows the one factor that affects deer movement and potential for antler growth more than any other is nutrition. Dr. James C. Kroll, one of America’s top deer researchers, is famous for his three keys to deer management – nutrition, nutrition and nutrition. Give deer adequate nutrition, and the does will reward you with healthy fawns, and the bucks will reward you with trophy-class antlers.

Talking to serious deer hunters about the benefits of supplemental feed is like preaching to the choir. How to distribute feed efficiently and effectively is the key. Quick Set Feeders from Wildgame Innovations are reliable and fit within any deer hunter’s budget.

There are two Quick Set models. The Quick Set 270 holds 270 pounds of feed in a 40-gallon polybarrel design, and the Quick Set 225 holds 225 pounds of feed in its 30-gallon polybarrel design.

Both models feature a new rivet hardware system that allows for easy set up and assembly in just 15 minutes. A convenient built-in funnel reduces feed waste, and feed distribution can be precise with a newly designed digital control unit and four available feed times. A galvanized steel spinner plate operates off of 6V battery operation.

Wildgame Innovations feeders and feeder accessories are made, manufactured and warehoused by BA Products in Texas. Most feeders and accessories have a four-year warranty when registered. Every product is made with the company motto in mind:

“Every hunter deserves a trophy!”

For more information about the Quick Set 225 and Quick Set 270 feeders, please click here.

About WGI Innovations, Ltd.

WGI Innovations, Ltd. is the distinct leader in the game scouting camera, feeder and outdoor electronics market. Wildgame Innovations, a leader in wildlife nutrition and land management, produces nutritional supplements and attractants that attract, hold and grow more deer than any other products on the market. For this reason, Wildgame Innovations has become one of the fastest-growing companies in its segment of the hunting industry.