Decoy Buddy – Tangle-Free Decoy Anchoring System

Decoy Buddy
Decoy Buddy
Decoy Buddy
Decoy Buddy

USA – -( Waterfowl hunters are used to hard work, whether it’s breaking ice in the pre-dawn darkness or pulling through gumbo mud in a pair of waders.

At least now the time-consuming, aggravating work of putting out and picking up decoys is made quick and easy with Decoy Buddy.

Decoy Buddy, by Game Smart, is a weighted 8-ounce reel that hooks onto your floating decoy. Simply pull out the amount of line needed for the depth of water you are hunting, and toss out the decoy. No wasted time unwinding decoy lines, and best of all, no tangled mess of decoy lines to deal with in the dark.

Picking up decoys is also easy. Simply reel in the slack with the built-in knobs, or use a removable handle that floats just in case it is dropped in the water.

The Decoy Buddy was created by duck hunters and has evolved after years of trial and development. It offers a balance of dependability to last many hunting seasons and convenience that will spoil serious waterfowl hunters.

Two lengths are available, 10 feet and 20 feet.

The Decoy Buddy includes two holes for attaching accessories, and it has teeth for a better hold on the bottom in windy conditions and currents.

Don’t waste valuable time dealing with tangled decoys. With Decoy Buddy, it has never been easier to put out and pick up your decoy spread.

Visit for more information and to place an order, or ask for Decoy Buddy at your local retailer.

Decoy Buddy is the ultimate in decoy anchoring systems. Don’t waste valuable time dealing with tangled decoys. It’s never been easier to put out and pickup your decoy spread.

For more information, please visit DECOYBUDDY.COM