D’ho! National Gun Victims Action Council Tax Exempt Status Revoked

By Lee Williams

National Gun Victims Action Council
National Gun Victims Action Council

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- Maybe the good folks at the National Gun Victims Action Council should focus a bit more on their bookkeeping and a bit less on their correspondence.

Yesterday, they sent an open letter to Outdoor Life, Ammoland, Guns.com and of course me, accusing us of all types of pro-gun craziness because we don’t agree with their premise that accurate rifles should be banned.

I had never heard of the NGVAC until only recently, so as any investigative reporter would, I checked them out.

  • The group claims to be a tax exempt organization, a 501(c)(3).oops
  • Their donations page states: “All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.”

The Internal Revenue Service, however, revoked their tax exempt status on May 15 of this year, 2014.

In an email to Martha Rosenberg, the NGVAC’s editor, I requested a copy of the group’s IRS Form 990, the filing requirement for tax exempt organizations…

Read the rest on NGVAC’s tax exempt status is revoked at the HeraldTribune.com.

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Too funny ! The head honcho of this outfit is a total moron named Elliot Fineman. This old boy is a tick bit fool that is even off the charts of sanity by gungrabber standards. This useless piece of shart was saying if lawabidding firearms owners don’t support a ban of precision laser scopes and rifles that we will all lose our guns ! LMFAO ! This fool also said that any person who is on a ‘no fly list’ or is suspected of being a terrorist will lose their guns (the same people that don’t want you to have… Read more »