Gabby Giffords: Gun Control for Women’s Sake Now

By AWR Hawkins

Gabby Giffords
Gabby Giffords: Gun Control for Women's Sake Now
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On September 12 2014, TIME magazine ran a column by gun control proponent Gabby Giffords, in which she argued that gun control must be expanded for women's sake.

Giffords' starts the column by revisiting the passage of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) under Bill Clinton. She says that law has been good–“annual rates of domestic violence have dropped by more than half” since its passage–but she does not think it goes far enough.

She wants a more stringent VAWA, one that expands gun control beyond marriage and into dating relationships. This would include new gun control laws for boyfriends, “partners,” etc. And as Breitbart News reported on July 30, it would mean new gun laws for stalkers.

Giffords says these “glaring loopholes” need to be closed for women's sake now.

On August 14, 2013, Breitbart News cited statistics from Chicago to show that gun control laws do not necessarily make the vulnerable less vulnerable. In 2011, there were 441 murders in Chicago, 10 percent of which were women. In 2012 there were 512 murders, and again, 10 percent of those were women. That's nearly 100 women gun downed in two years in one of the most strictly governed gun control cities in the world.

On top of this, The New York Times cited approximately “1,400” sexual assaults in Chicago in 2010 alone.

Gun control did not spare these women from violence, nor did it spare them death in 100 cases, but it certainly did empower those with criminal intent.

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Bob Shell
Bob Shell

The only thing she cares about regarding women is how much money she can get them to donate to her.

Hipshot Percussion
Hipshot Percussion

What’s that old line? A woman in favor of gun control is like a chicken rooting for Colonel Sanders?


Gabby…if it’s not about one thing…it’s another. How about plugging up that loop”hole” under your nose…just to start with.