Gabby Giffords Mark Kelly’s Group Targets 1st Female Air Force Pilot to in Fly Combat

By AWR Hawkins

Puppet Gabby Giffords and Master Mark Kelly
Puppet Gabby Giffords and Master Mark Kelly
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On September 3 2014, the gun control group founded by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly began running ads against Martha McSally (R-AZ)–a retired Air Force pilot seeking to fill the congressional seat Giffords herself once held.

McSally, who was “the first female Air Force pilot to fly in combat,” is being targeted by the group because she is pro-gun. She is running against Representative Ron Barber (D-AZ), a gun control supporter who won Giffords’ old seat in a 2012 special election.

According to Politico, the ad criticizes McSally’s opposition to gun control–particularly universal background checks–by suggesting she supports a “loophole that allows criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns without a [background] check.”

The ad does not mention that Elliot Rodger (Santa Barbara gunman), Ivan Lopez (2014 Ft. Hood gunman), Paul Ciancia (LAX gunman), Aaron Alexis (D.C. Navy Yard gunman), Nidal Hasan (2009 Ft. Hood gunman), and James Holmes (Aurora theater gunman) all went through background checks to get their guns.

The ad also features testimonial from a mother who claims, “McSally got a lot of money from the lobbyists who also support the gun show loophole.”  But the ad says nothing about the “six-figures” Giffords and Kelly’s group is spending to try to help gun control candidate Barber win the race.

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Everyone here needs to contribute to McSally compaign..Were to send funds?


Folks, If you believe in keeping your freedom, Get out to vote in November. A new revolution may be coming, but for now vote for people that will stand by our Constitution. I know there is little trust for both parties. However, the liberals have proven they want to weaken the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Help stop the liberals from tearing apart the United States.

ray hampton

I got family and friends in this state [Arizona ]
and I hope that they VOTE for this woman

Bob Shell

Such great Americans Gifford & Kelly. To attack a real hero because she knows that Kelly & Giffords are running a scam. They are in the gun control business for the bucks & nothing else.


Those two worthless people. I am sorry that the fool who shot her. But they have turned out to be worthless trash.

Robert Fowler

Here’s a hard truth. If Giffords had not been in Congress, she would be deader than a old dog turd. She got a lot better treatment due to her status than anyone else at that event. No one else was life flighted to a hospital and worked on by some of the best surgeons in the country.


Those two will do anything to anyone in the name of gun control, How many lies are the giffords going to tell or pull? How many people are they going to slander and how much trouble are they going to cause because she was hurt by a person that was crazy. The giffords and the liberals are always blaming guns for the things that people do to each other. The two of them probably bought into the idea that guns are some type of creature that can get up and walk around. There is another that even went so far… Read more »


The very best thing we can all do, and by “all” I mean every gun owner no matter what state you live in, is to get on every social media you can find, go to an AZ section if they have it and remind AZ folks to get out en masse to vote for McSally. Don’t even mention guns, just let everyone know she’s a vet who will do the best job possible to get this country back on track.

Make this election a total embarrassment to Gifford.


Why wasn’t this space cadet prosecuted for that straw purchase in AZ couple years ago ?

Mike the Limey

And of course the person who shot Giffords also passed a background check when he purchased the gun he used to shoot her & 18 others.
These gun control freaks are in a state of permanent denial.

Charles Goff

We need more Veterans in Congress.


Isn’t Mark Kelly the astronaut who couldn’t get HAL to open the ‘pod doors’?