Glock 42 Revisions and Gun Store Biases, This Week on Gun Guy Radio

GLOCK 42 Pistol
GLOCK 42 Pistol
Gun Guy Radio
Gun Guy Radio

DeKalb, Illinois – -( Jake’s special guest on Gun Guy Radio this week is listener Mike Walsh. Have you ever wondered why some gun store employees have such poor attitudes? If you think local gun shops are difficult normally, just wait until you challenge their knowledge of a specific firearms and possible modifications… especially with information you found on the internet!

In Episode 134 of Gun Guy Radio, Mike and Jake discuss Mike quest to find a Glock 42 with the modifications discussed by Duncan on

Two gun stores would not allow him to disassemble their Glock 42s to see whether the changes were present and both denied knowing about any changes made by Glock. Even after one of those store owners learned of the changes, he still denied Mike the opportunity to confirm that the changes had been made to his in-stock guns.

The tension between consumers and local guns stores as well as the changes to the Glock 42 are the topics of this great and timely episode of Gun Guy Radio.

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It’s easy to see the stamping on the slide stop if you simply remove the slide and gently live the slide stop a little. No disassembly is necessary beyond simply removing the slide, which I imagine any gun store owner will allow.