Hunting On Public Lands At Risk! Contact Interior Secretary Now

Ban on Ammo is a Ban on Hunting
Hunting On Public Lands At Risk! Contact Interior Secretary Now
Utah Shooting Sports Council
Utah Shooting Sports Council

Utah – -( You may have seen the news that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), along with other anti-hunting groups and individuals, filed a petition with the Interior Department demanding rules against hunting with traditional ammunition on public lands – one-fifth of the total land area in the U.S.

The 50 page-petition is littered with junk science and fails to make the case that the use of traditional ammunition is a threat to wildlife populations or to humans that would warrant such a drastic action.

Are we really to believe that HSUS finds hunting acceptable just so long as hunters use alternative ammunition?

Hunters, sportsmen and target shooters aren’t gullible. We know better than to trust HSUS with setting hunting policy for the entire country. But we can’t assume the Obama Administration’s Interior Department is on our side.

Call Interior Secretary Sally Jewell today at 202-208-3181 and tell her to reject this scientifically baseless petition from HSUS to ban traditional ammunition.

Let the Department of the Interior know that requiring the use of alternative, non-lead ammunition, is nothing more than a back-door way to ban hunting by raising the price of participating in an American sporting tradition.

Make sure to tell them:

  • There is no sound science to support banning traditional ammunition used by hunters for centuries.
  • Don’t allow the Humane Society and other anti-hunting groups to advance their end game of banning all hunting through the tactic of banning the use of traditional ammunition for hunting on public lands.
  • There is absolutely no adverse wildlife population impact that warrants such a drastic measure.
  • There is no evidence that consuming game taken with traditional ammunition poses a human health to hunters and their family.
  • Hunters are the original conservationists. Excise taxes (11%) raised from the sale of traditional ammunition that the HSUS and others unfairly demonize is a primary source of wildlife conservation funding. Banning traditional ammunition will harm the very animals HSUS claims to care about.

About Utah Shooting Sports Council:
The Utah Shooting Sports Council represents the citizens of Utah who safely and legally own and use firearms, exercising rights guaranteed under both the United States and Utah constitutions.

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antigunners will never stop, never rest, never surrender anything they have gained, until they have achieved their stated goal of total disarmament of the American people.


No, gun grabbers don’t find guns acceptable for anything. This is just a stepping stone for them to get rid of guns. They know that a thousand mile trip starts with the first step.

Bill in Lexington,NC

They are WAY past the first step. They are six miles into this and gaining speed.