Kroger to Moms Demand Action: We Trust Our Customers to Be Responsible

By AWR Hawkins

Shannon Watts
Shannon Watts
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Amid pressure from freedom hating Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America to ban the open carry of guns in its stores, Kroger has decided to focus on groceries rather than the gun polices set by city councils, state legislators, or representatives and senators in D.C.

On August 18 2014, Breitbart News reported that Moms Demand Action was using Michael Bloomberg's money to target Kroger in hopes of pressuring them into the gun ban.

Fred Meyer Grocery, which is owned by Kroger, had also come under pressure and issued a statement that it would not ban guns; it would, instead, continue to abide by state and local laws. Now Kroger has issued a statement, as well. Like Fred Meyer, Kroger intends to abide by state and local laws on the matter.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the Kroger statement also said, “We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue, and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.”

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  • 16 thoughts on “Kroger to Moms Demand Action: We Trust Our Customers to Be Responsible

    1. After hearing about Kroger’s stand last week, I went several miles out of my way to fill up with gas at one of their facilities and will continue to support them as often as possible.
      Those that don’t support our rights, don’t get my support. I’ve done the same with Citgo stations- they support that fleabag Hugo Chavez and I have vowed to never use their fuel or products again. If my car dies in front of their station, I will push the damn thing a mile to the next station for fuel.

    2. @ Cheryl: Bullies…..really….how old are you? As far Freedom…’s you committed leftist….children of Mao and Stalin that continue to chip away at all American liberties. Even clueless Americans that are more interested in Grey’s Anatomy than what they are paying in taxes. You Stalinists gave us ethanol… what bulbs we can use…. screwed our medical system….how we produce cheap, clean and abundant electricity. …on and on. Freedom is to choose what or whether you’ll shop in that particular grocery store or chain. Have you even stopped to think that maybe…just maybe….the man was trying to make a statement?

    3. The losers here are those who live in such fear that they have to sport a rifle everywhere they go . Your fears have taken over your life and so you think we should just let it take over ours. Freedom works two ways. You people and your fears are not the only ones with freedom. That seems to be the part you missed. Apparently you have been taught that all ways here are your way. And as such it doesn’t disturb you to stand out in a parking lot or anywhere else with your assault rifle on your shoulder trying to intimidate people who are trying to assert their own rights. You think because you have a gun that that makes you big, bad, and scary. So you use your gun to try to intimidate us with the implied threat of “look, I have a gun. Mess with me and I am not afraid to use it.” You are a bunch of gun toting bullies.

    4. Rifles do not belong in a grocery store. There is no reason to carry one and it is ludicrous to do so. And as for freedom hating moms well maybe we want the freedom to shop in a gun free zone. At no point do your freedoms override ours. And the law allows for businesses to ban guns in their store so therefore our freedom and the freedom of the store to choose is just as lawful as your so called right to carry a rifle into a grocery store which is ridiculous to begin with. If you feel unsafe enough to need to carry a gun into the grocery store think how we feel being in a store with a person we don’t know sporting a rifle over their shoulder. I am glad Kroger’s is so trusting. I however do not trust anyone who is so terrified that they feel it necessary to carry a rifle into a grocery store.

      1. Your right Cheryl. Just look what just happened to a Mother in a Walmart a few days ago who was carrying a concealed weapon in her purse while she shopped with her nieces and her two year old son. Her two year old got a hold of her gun and accidentally shot her. She’s dead but anyone could have been shot accidentally by that two year old boy sitting in the shopping cart with her purse right in his reach. Another adult shopping with their own child could have been searching for a product in that same isle and what if their child was the one struck by the stray bullet? Most of these gun lovers will all tell you that their right to carry their stupid Firearm with them wherever they go is more important than your own right to be safe from being accidentally shot or shot on purpose when someone steals or somehow gets a hold of their precious weapon. The point is, gun owners can’t and don’t always act safe and responsible with their firearms. Kids and innocent people get killed all the time. Police officers children get a hold of their guns and commit suicide. Why won’t any of these people who have guns admit that this stuff is happening? It’s like they live in another dimension and all this stuff only ever happens with OTHER PEOPLE who do something wrong. Guns are not toys, guns are SOMETIMES DANGEROUS and way too many people have them. Facts, not fiction.

    5. Good to hear that some dont shop were they are not wanted.

      I really hope that you tell a store that you dont shop at that, and the reason why you take your $$ down the street. Much more effective if 10-20 people tell em so. They know for every one that tells em, there are xx number that dont shop and dont tell.

    6. Safeway is a typical anti-gun Califruita company. Fortunately, they were bought out by the parent company of Albertsons. Perhaps Albertsons, which is an Idaho company, will understand gun rights better than Safeway.

    7. I used to shop at the “Gabrielle Giffords” Safeway here in Tucson, AZ. A few years ago, Safeway ponied up the money for Tucson Police Department’s first ever gun buy-“back” program. That was the last straw. I drive to Fry’s now. Fry’s Supermarkets is owned by Kroger. Glad I did.

    8. Kroger handled this in the right way. They stated they trusted their customers and also decided to go with the laws of the state and the locality they were in. Much better than being “pressured” by what is nothing more than a political activist group.

    9. Telling both sides take it off my property to protest – PRICELESS . I hate drama as a small business owner and open or conceled carry is ok with me .

    10. Resisting the onslaught of ‘Progressive’ policies via ‘boycotts’ limits your freedom of choice. Limiting an individual’s personal freedom’ is part of their goal. It’s a ‘double edged sword’.

    11. Safeway, in California, has a no firearms stickers on all entrances. I have stopped shopping at Safeway. I would urge others to as well.

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