MG Industries Introduces the Hydra MARCK-15 5.45×39 AK-74 Rifle

MGI MARCK-15 AK-74 Pistol
MG Industries Hydra MARCK-15 5.45×39 AK-74 Rifle
MG Industries
MG Industries

Old Town, Maine -( MG Industries, manufacturer of the modular MARCK-15 AR “Hydra” platform, is proud to introduce the AK-74 model in 5.45×39.

The 5.45×39 configuration of the Hydra by MGI comes stock with a low profile gas block on a high-quality Nitrite coated, 16-inch 5.45×39 barrel. MGI has made stock on this version, a 5.45×39 bolt with zero fail coating.

This configuration of the Hydra uses a standard AR magazine well and comes with one black stainless steel 30-round magazine from ACS. Like most configurations of the Hydra, this weapon ships to you in a standard, hard-sided, lockable pistol case.

The MGI Hydra AK-74 5.45×39 pistol has a suggested retail price of $1299.00

For more information, visit or your local retailer. Retailers, contact MGI at [email protected] to find out more about carrying the most modular pistol system in the world.

MGI Hydra AK-74 Pistol Specifications:

Caliber:                                                  5.45×39

Overall Length:                                  36 inches

Overall Height:                                   7 inches

Overall Width:                                    2.5 inches

Barrel Length:                                    16 Inches

Weight:                                                 7.6 lbs

Magazine Type/Cap:                      ACS 30 Round

About MGI:

As a Maine based company, MGI is committed to providing the United States military and the American law enforcement community a weapons platform of endurance and reliability to face the mission and tactical challenges of a post 9/11 World. MGI products are MADE IN THE U.S.A. and available through Camfour (413-564-2300), Acusport (937-593-7010), Big Rock (800-334-2661) and Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. (800-223-0702) or visit Contact MG Industries at 207-817-3280 or [email protected] for more information.