NBC Says, to Survive a Home Invasion Treat the Bad Guys Like ‘Royalty’

By AWR Hawkins

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NBC Says, to Survive a Home Invasion Treat the Bad Guys Like ‘Royalty’
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On September 8 2014 NBC’s Today show aired a segment on how to survive a home invasion.

That advice included cooperating with the invaders — “treat them like royalty” — and telling them the location of everything they want in the house.

Spoiler: The advice did not include acquiring a gun for the defense of one’s life, the lives of one’s family, and one’s property.

During the segment, correspondent Jeff Rossen spoke with former NYPD detective and hostage negotiator William Zeins. Together, the two discussed scenarios and what a homeowner should do if an invader targets his or her home.

Zeins said you should “absolutely” tell the invaders where “the money” and “the jewelry” are if they corner or capture you. He said you should “treat them like royalty… [Don’t] lie to them.”

He said you might avoid capture by keeping a can of “wasp spray” by your bed with which to spray the invaders in the face. But he did not explain how “wasp spray” beats an intruder armed with a shotgun or 9 mm handgun.

Zeins did say you might distract or frighten away the invader with horns and flashing lights by pressing the panic button on your car alarm.

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Tommy T

How about a trio of Tibetan Mastiffs, Black Russian Terriers, Caucasian Orvcharkas or Fila Brazilieros in and around dwelling backed up with a 12ga, 3′ Mag pump welding owner.


I can’t wait for their advice to women confronting a rapist. “Lie back and enjoy it?”

This is why we need guns and people to use them. Of course it might also help if we pooled our money and bought one of the networks so we could get our side of the story out.


Today Sept 16 a group of punks invaded a 63 yr old lady’s home in Anchorage Alaska and beat her, robbing the house and stealing her SUV.
Treat them like WHAT ? No .
Capital punishment fits this crime.


I agree that we should treat them like royalty, it’s kind of an American tradition. We fought a Revolution to throw off British royalty. Invite them in and let them have it with everything you have by all family members. The only good violent criminal is a dead violent criminal.


I got similar advice from the local PD when I was victim of an armed robbery in CA before I LEFT there. Don’t look them in the eye, don’t resist. don’t speak unless spoken to, cooperate….just disgusting. Demeaning to me AS A FREE MAN. My wife came up with the nonlethal idea of a police siren and exterior red/blue flashing lights. It appealed to my sense of humor. Did you know you cannot buy red/blue flashing lights in CA?


1st show them the dogs , then the muzzle of your favorite weapon. Lead spray is much better than any other spray. Don’t be a victim , protect your own, since the police just pick up the remains and pieces.

D Vickers

I’ll tell them where the next bullet is going to make a hole in their head

ray hampton

WHY do the anti-gun crowd think that the gun-owners are stupid


This piece was made in New York City, for NYC residents. And maybe you would have expected different? Remember, both NY state ad NYC are run by fascist Democrat Liberals who believe that those who support self-defense are criminals and those who own guns and are willing to use them are domestic terrorists. Again, you expected different?


Typical reaction from a super liberal anti gun news organization. Proper response to a home invasion is deadly force.


As this is a New Yorker doing the talking and probably a supporter of former midget mayor-Bloomberg, I am surprised the guy does not say join the Democrat Party and give up your guns.


I will treat like royality and give them my finest ammo 2 to the chest one to the brain housing group


Does using an expensive gun, like a Krieghoff, construe treating them like ‘Royalty’? LOL

Tired of false flags & Marxist Hags,

The revolution wont be televised , or so Ive heard it said. Not until we the people take the television stations it wont be. And then its time to tar and feather the bastards before they are hung. No drop,just let them dangle. They have aided and abeded lie after lie . I have no use for them and only wish to see them run out of the country or dead. Screw them and their anti American globalist lies. ISIS is this administrations creation and they know it.


Do we bend over and grab the ankles too?


I’ll show them my “valuables”…starting with my ammo…one round at a time…in rapid succession.


Think I’ll stick with my 1911. Maybe use the wasp spray on the census folks.