New Jersey Outdoor Alliance to Participate In New Jersey Wild Outdoors Expo

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-( TQhe New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation (, an alliance of influential conservation organizations representing saltwater and freshwater fishing, hunting, diving, animal welfare, forestry, and the stewardship of natural resources, will sponsor the upcoming New Jersey Wild Outdoors Expo.

To be held from 10:00AM to 5:00PM daily on Saturday and Sunday, September 13-14, at the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area in Jackson Township, Ocean County, NJ.

At the Expo, NJOA will introduce a new pewter pin commemorating the Bobwhite Quail, a species with a distinctive call that New Jersey birders love to listen to but are concerned about because of its declining population, celebrating its Quail in the Classroom Program
( and other habitat projects.

The attractive pins and key chains will be available with a $10 honorary membership to the NJOA (PAC). NJOA (CF) will also be releasing a number of quail raised in the program on Sunday afternoon.

The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is comprised of three non-profit organizations: NJOA Conservation Foundation, NJOA Environmental Projects and NJOA (PAC). The mission of the group of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance non-profits is to serve as a grassroots coalition of outdoors-loving men and women dedicated to environmental stewardship.

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects is a charity designed to improve the health of both land and sea by means of conservation and habitat stewardship. The organization works with scientists, biologists, foresters, conservationists and others with an interest in habitat health and restoration in an effort to support native fish and wildlife species.

The mission of NJOA PAC is to support outdoor-minded legislators who are dedicated to the conservation of natural resources in New Jersey. These legislators may include the Governor, Members of the Assembly and State Senators.

The New Jersey Wild Outdoor Expo celebrates the state’s bountiful natural resources and rich outdoor heritage. The event is hosted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Division of Fish and Wildlife, the NJDEP Division of Parks and Forestry, the State Forestry Services and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. Exhibitors and vendors from the field of outdoor recreation, as well as food vendors will be on site. Admission is free and visitors are also welcome to bring and enjoy their own food in the picnic tent.

The Expo is designed to help people connect with the natural world by providing a unique blend of conservation information, education and hands-on opportunities to learn outdoor skills and activities. Numerous environmental and conservation exhibits, demonstrations and seminars are planned for the weekend. Visitors can learn about, and try, a wide array of activities including fishing, hiking, shooting sports, kayaking, camping skills, rock climbing, wildlife watching and much more.

For more information about the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA) and the benefits of membership, please visit the following website: For more information about the New Jersey Wild Outdoor Expo, please visit: