New York SAFE Act Round Two – Waiting on Cuomo Reelection ~ Video

New York SAFE Act 2
New York SAFE Act 2
New York 2nd Amendment Coalition
New York 2nd Amendment Coalition

New York –-( In last week’s primary, we watched a progressive lawyer successfully topple Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s domination.

Detailed at the bottom of a NY Post article, the story noted Cuomo’s less-than-stellar primary win has him unhinged.

Democratic insiders, mean­while, describe Cuomo as “furious” and “enraged’’ at his campaign team over his shockingly poor primary showing — in which he won only about 60 percent of the vote.

One senior Democrat told The Post of Cuomo, “He spent millions, had the full use of state resources and was endorsed by virtually every important elected Democrat in the state — and he had the worse showing ever for a New York governor in a primary. It’s no wonder he’s so pissed.”

Of course, we know that Cuomo has only himself to blame. His failed policies including the passage of the NY SAFE Act and his corrupt administration are all costing us more.

Make no mistake:  if Cuomo is re-elected, he will not leave the SAFE Act alone.

Get ready for Safe Act 2 if Cuomo Wins.  Check out this 4 minute video of a town hall with Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois, Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss (candidate for Lt. Governor), and Mike Peters of Westchester County Gun Owners

About New York 2nd Amendment Coalition

The NY2A Grassroots Coalition is exactly what our name implies: we are a coalition of grassroots organizations committed to defeating the NY SAFE Act and the legislators who voted for it! We are a mechanism for grassroots groups across New York to share ideas and coordinate efforts because we are more effective if we are working together. Below is a list of groups who are part of our coalition.

Is your group actively working to support the 2nd Amendment and fight back against the NY SAFE Act? Let us know if your group wants to join NY2A!  And be sure to personally join in this fight by submitting your contact information on the home page!

NY2A Grassroots Coalition Information:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @NY2Agrassroots

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Ken Baldwin

Make no mistake. All Socialist eyes r on NYS. This is a TEST Case! If Cuomo can win NY AND get SAFE ACT 2 passed, THEN this will be repeated in ALL STATES with DEM/SOC Governors. With Cuomo on his way to the White House WE ALL will be UPSET! Next REP Govs will be DOUBLY Targeted by the RICH Socialists! The ULTRA SOC useful IDIOTS (of the Minority opinion) will INVADE YOUR state to HARASS, Threaten or BUY your Legislators! Next SAFE ACTs 3 & 4 WILL be passed. Once they get 30 states they will DEMAND a Gun… Read more »


Cuomo doesn’t care about a 2nd term. He’s got his eye on the Presidency. How’s that for a horror story?

Henry Bowman is an idiot

That is all. This has been a public service announcement.

Henry Bowman

Let them have that state, let it burn, leave for the free states…If they want the North East fine, let it burn….