PETA Boasting It Will Hassle Hunters with Drones on National Hunting & Fishing Day

PETA’s ‘Air Angels’ and ‘Aquatic Angels’ Drones to Record all the [sic]”Cruel & Illegal Activities”.

Peta Air Angle Drone
Peta Air Angle Drone
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AmmoLand Gun News

Norfolk, Va –-( From the offical PETA press release:

“Hunters and anglers who are planning to participate in National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 27 had best beware: PETA could be watching. ”

“Following the successful launch of its Air Angels hobby drones—which allow kind “hunter watcher hobbyists” to capture and share video footage of illegal or cruel hunting practices—PETA is introducing a new “angler watcher” drone using submersible technology. The group is currently recruiting members and supporters to field-test the new drones in all bodies of water—so all anglers who cast a line of cruelty on Fish Amnesty Day, also marked on September 27, should consider themselves forewarned.”

PETA goes on to say;

“We plan to try out our new submersible drones in lakes, rivers, and oceans to ensure that anglers are following all the local laws,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “The drones will also help document the cruelty inherent in fishing—showing how fish suffer when they’re hooked and thrown back into the water injured and how other unsuspecting wildlife are ensnared by lines, nets, lures, and other equipment that gets lost or stuck under the water.”

“PETA, whose motto states, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment,” won’t be releasing the exact locations where the air and water drones will be operating so that all who participate in the “sport” of hunting and killing animals will be lawful and compassionate, knowing that PETA might be filming their actions.”

So Hunters and Fishermen, you have been warned. You will now have to skip all the “Cruel & Illegal Activities” we all would normally enjoy during National Hunting and Fishing Day, Visit:

I wonder what our friend “Johnny Dronehunter”over at SilencerCo would have to say about this?

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I dont believe in drones but the sky sure has more Ducks in it…..

Doc Damato

Far as I’m concerned, PETA is an irrational group of confused people that think they see the whole picture but honestly display more damage when it comes to animal conservation and the relationship between man and animals living out life in a balanced harmonious life. Too many animals cause increases in disease that can adapt to humans like the Bubonic plague did from fleas who bit Rats that carried the bacteria. We have an over balance of wildlife getting hit by cars and many times killing the occupants but Peta see’s it as the Humans fault. This is what happens… Read more »


Wouldn’t flying drones around known flight paths of birds and using submersibles for “fish watching” disrupt the usual habits of these animals? Couldn’t the game wardens put a stop to these idiots?


PETA is really being hypocritical here (as if that’s something new)! But consider: If they really thought hunters were largely unethical, uncontrolled, “Bubbas” who will not follow the laws, would they go out into the woods and harass these armed individuals? Certainly not! If they thought for a second that hunters were actually the louts they accuse us of being, as opposed to the very law-abiding group we actually are, they’d NEVER go out in the woods to harass us. Certainly not with nothing but unarmed drones and an attitude. The only reason they don’t have to worry about getting… Read more »


Anyone have a recipe for drone?


i have mercy on the fish and animals i kill. lions and eagles have no mercy. they catch and start eating their prey before they are dead. i do not hunt for sport or trophy’s. i always take a head shot so my prey never knew what hit them. and fish have a different nervous system and feel no pain. they,ve been taken for food since day one. and i cant wait till it’s open season on peta, and yes i will show them the same mercy.


Sounds like drones will make good targets, fly one around me and we will find out !!


Bring it on!

I would welcome anyone to observe what I am doing if I am on a lawful hunt, I’ve never hunted in my life.

John W

Shooting one down with a rifle would be unsafe – always be sure of your target and WHAT LIES BEYOND IT! This is a job for a shotgun. I would recommend BBB shot with an improved cylinder choke, 12G. By the way, harassing hunters is illegal in all 50 states. Use your I-Phone to take pictures of the offenders and their license plates prior to shooting their drones out of the sky. “PULL!”


How stupid can you get…I can hit within 4″ inches of a bullseye at 500 yards with my .223/5.56 Rifle. Guess what, I see a drone, it down…I thought it was Duck!


All these activists come out of the ‘woodwork’ when the economy is bad. Is this how the ‘unemployed’ find purpose in their lives?

ray hampton

I know how to call farm animals [pigs] but will try to call the drones instead


I’m thinking varmints, night hunting! You know, kinda like flying hogs!


Sounds like a ready market for net-throwing guns, or the use of ‘snake charmers’?


It could be fun. Something else to hunt and shoot at. Open season on drones.


Well, the only thing that comes to mind is “PULL”!!


Puhleeeze! Please come to Arizona and hassle me with your drones! I need the shoot-down practice.


Remember the People For Eating Tasty Animals (PETA) are simply another left wing political group much like the National Association of Women. Back in the 1960s J. edger Hoover (FBI boss) wrote a book explaining how the Communists used many separate splinter groups to dilute detection and enforcement and to look larger. The liberals read his book! Liberals have hundreds of little splinter groups for the mission of dividing and killing our country with a 1000 cuts. And they are 99%+ in the Democrat Party. It and they are just what they are!


Okay, all the venting of frustration aside, no, we shouldn’t physically confront them unless it’s in the context of defending ourselves. However, I find it really amusing that they intend to use submursable drones. Didn’t even know they existed. What happens if you hook one and drag it over rocks, tree limbs etc trying to “land” it? Then you have to RIP the hook from its little mechanical mouth, all while trying to keep it from biting you and finally toss it back, across rocks, if you should happen to slip!


Do these idiots really think that by following people and threatening us that they are going to get what they want? For that one they better re-think the way they do things, they just might loose a few of those drones, And if they start getting in the faces of the hunters they may find themselves across the hood of a car as well. I think drone season is here and there is no bag limit on them, have one person draw them out and then get them from another angle.


Is there a season on drones? Do I need a Drone Stamp?

How dumb is PETA?

TSgt B

Do these idiots have any idea what a load of BB shot will do to a drone? 3 1/2″ 12 gauge magnum goose load would be appropriate.


Drones………………………………a lot like skeet.


just a random thought: I wonder if I could shoot down a drone with a rifle would they try to sue me? I wonder.


Hunters cant help it if drones look and sound like a duck…..


Aa, they can not do anything!
It is against the FAA LAWS!

Only today they said they woukd allow, under certain conditions, the film industry can use them, with a trained pilot.

PETA can only wish they could.