Shaneen Allen Admitted Into PTI Clarification by NJ AG Allows Prosecutor to Save Face

Shaneen Allen
Shaneen Allen Admitted Into PTI Clarification by NJ AG Allows Prosecutor to Save Face
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MAYS LANDING, NJ – -( Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain today recommended that Shaneen Allen of Philadelphia, who was arrested last year for carrying a firearm into the State of New Jersey, be offered pre-trial intervention.

McClain’s decision comes after a clarification issued by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office regarding a 2008 Grave’s Act directive, which deals with how to handle out-of-state residents who hold valid permits to carry a firearm and are charged in New Jersey with illegal possession.

McClain said the Attorney General’s Office conducted a comprehensive review of firearms possession laws, and consulted with prosecutors in New Jersey’s 21 counties.

“In applying the factors set out in the clarification, I determined that the defendant in this case should be offered the opportunity to be admitted into the Atlantic County PTI Program and I have communicated that determination to the Court and to defense counsel,” McClain said in a statement issued on Wednesday, Sept. 24

Allen, a mother of two, was arrested by a State Trooper last year on the Atlantic City Expressway in Hamilton Township following a traffic stop. She was carrying her handgun and concealed carry permit, but told the trooper she did not know she couldn’t bring it into New Jersey.

McClain cited the Grave’s Act when he originally denied her pretrial intervention.

“The resulting clarification to the 2008 directive is a reasoned and considered effort to ensure consistent treatment of similarly situated defendants throughout the state,” McClain said.

The directive issued by Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman noted that “in most cases, imprisonment is neither necessary not appropriate to serve the interests of justice and protect public safety.”

McClain said he would review similar pending cases and make “appropriate decisions” after applying the factors outlined in the clarification.

  • 14 thoughts on “Shaneen Allen Admitted Into PTI Clarification by NJ AG Allows Prosecutor to Save Face

    1. I left newjerkistan in ’93. Once they started talking about arsenal licenses for more than anything they had yet to determine amount wise in ‘firearms’ and ammo…. and the states appalling record of police abuse of powers I left the place I was born and raised in. Newjerkistan has become a total cesspool of welfare and progressive tribalism. A police state by any other name…the lunatics run the asylum there !.

    2. Keep watching this, Shaneen may still be in line for a felony. This is likely not over… And yes, a perfect case for jury nullification. (Which is why they probably won’t try her.) What part of “…shall not be infringed.” is either legal or constitutional? NONE OF IT!

    3. I was a long time resident of NJ for several decades and I was to blame for the suffering caused my family by the excessive taxes, violations of my Constitutional Rights and my rights as a Legal, Tax Paying, Law Abiding Citizen all of which took food and life’s necessities away from my family!! When you take away money meant for my family that I worked 70 plus hours a week for, the state is no better than the robber that assaults you on the street!! Now Christie again supports violating my Second Amendment Rights with Consent To Carry persons being treated like major criminals which is farthest from the truth!! That is why I left and have been saddened by doing it but my family comes before an out of control state and it’s leadership just like this fake President is doing daily to us all!! I PRAY THE LORD will deliver us from such unnecessary oppression by state and government hands

    4. Christie, I am a Republican voter in Texas and I vote the gun issue. Not only will I be voting against you should you seek the presidential nomination, I will be actively be campaigning against you on the gun issue. I support nothing from the peoples republic of New Jersey

    5. How many times does NRA and 2A need to be told the State of NJ needs to be KEPT IN COURT until their gun Laws are completely revised, amended and changed? They are designed twofold entrapment and prosecution. National reciprocity should be on everyones plate. NJ Democrats are never ending and continuing to dis-arm citizens with no SELF DEFENSE

    6. I doubt this result would have come about without the loud, persistent & accurate condemnation of those who brought about this prosecution in the first place.
      That condemnation came from gun owners as a whole in the main, thus showing how people power CAN get results.

    7. Amazing, it took this long for the statists in NJ to figure out a way to save face. Law abiding citizen being harrased by democratic government, I bet she does not vote democratic again!

    8. If not for the national outcry over the clear injustice here she would be doing 10 years in a New Jersey State Prison. The Prosecutor wanted to make an example of her but too many people were pushing petitions and setting up public billboards demanding her release.

    9. Because her Constitutional rights end at New Jersey , New York , Ct ,MA and those states say they comply with the Constitution. Yeah ,sure and Christie is a progun now that he wants to run for prez.

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