Shooting Illustrated October Issue 2014 – On News Stands Now

October issue of Shooting Illustrated keeps things quiet with a thorough look at sound suppressors for handguns.

Shooting Illustrated October Issue 2014
Shooting Illustrated October Issue 2014
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( The October issue of Shooting Illustrated, on newsstands now, features a comprehensive look at several different models of sound suppressors and their proper use.

Learn how these simple devices function to reduce the sound signature—making range time safer and more enjoyable—while assisting in accuracy and taming muzzle flash.

Read about the history of sound suppressors, the manner in which they operate and different tips on care and maintenance of these important safety devices.

While generally not good candidates for suppressors, revolvers still have their place in the defensive handgun pantheon. Smith & Wesson introduced several new wheelguns for 2014, and Shooting Illustrated takes a detailed look at two of the new offerings: the newly renovated Model 66 and brand-new Model 69 Combat Magnums.

The Model 66 returns to the company’s extensive line after a short absence, proving even in this day of polymer-frame semi-automatics, the revolver remains relevant. The Model 69 is a surprising first for the Springfield, MA, manufacturer—a medium-frame .44 Mag. wheelgun fit for carry.

For someone new to shooting, a magnum handgun probably isn’t the ideal first firearm. “View from the Porch” blog author Tamara Keel takes an in-depth look at the EAA Witness Pavona, which promises to be more new-shooter friendly. The Pavona series has been custom-designed for women with a host of purpose-driven upgrades and eye-catching color combinations. These handguns are far from a standard model with a pink grip—Keel discusses how the common-sense changes EAA made in the design translate into better shootability and ease of operation.

A sturdy pistol might be just the thing to keep handy when the worst happens, but what else would be beneficial in an emergency? Shooting Illustrated staff offer suggestions for the best gear to have on hand if disaster strikes. Thirty essential items for sheltering in place and “bugging out” are presented, with ideas, tips and suggestions on why each product was chosen.

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