TANDEMKROSS ‘Quick Grip’ .22 Magazine Pouches

TANDEMKROSS Quick Grip .22 Magazine Pouches
TANDEMKROSS Quick Grip .22 Magazine Pouches

Hooksett, NH. – -(Ammoland.com)- The “QuickGrip” .22 Magazine pouches launched this summer and is our most complex product to date.

It is loaded with features for the competition shooter and geared for those who need quick access to their mags while on the move.

If you know TANDEMKROSS then you know we are obsessed with quality and function. Until now, we haven’t had the resources to bring a product quite like this to you and we are quite proud of the end result.

Starting off, this product is made from the nearly indestructible Zytel.

Using this material, the pouch has protection from all the dangers a shooter’s equipment might face such as heat, cleaning chemicals and impact from your run and guns. This product is built to last and as always we stand behind it with our LIFETIME guarantee.

Function and usability are always on our mind. The “QuickGrip” also boasts an adjustable retention screw for fine tuning the grip the pouch has on your magazine. Some like a lighter grip, others prefer locked in tight. Users can adjust this screw to a level of retention that works for them.


In addition, the magazine pouches all come with unique interlocked design where you can “snap” them together to expand to as many magazines you would like to hold on your person. Want to build a bandolier? No problem! Just click them together, slide them on your belt and away you go.

There are a lot of magazines out there that share similar dimensions so these pouches were built with versatility in mind. They will fit Ruger MKIII, MKII, 22/45, Browning Buckmark, Browning Nomad, Beretta Neos, Colt Woodsmen, Colt Cadet, High Standard, Stoeger Luger and even the S&W 22A/22S (pre-2011) mags. Phew!! How’s that for being diverse??

TANDEMKROSS Quick Grip .22 Magazine Bandolier
TANDEMKROSS Quick Grip .22 Magazine Bandolier

Visit TANDEMKROSS at: www.tandemkross.com

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