Thank Heaven Robin Williams Didn’t Shoot Himself

Robin Williams
Thank Heaven Robin Williams Didn't Shoot Himself

PHOENIX, AZ –-( Dear Editor,

Robin Williams' unfortunate strangulation suicide pointed out the horrific moral bankruptcy of the gun-control movement in America. We're watching it play out with the nine-year old at the Arizona range.

You know if Williams had shot himself, we Americans, instead of enduring massive legitimate grief for the loss of this phenomenal talent, we would have been out in the streets desperately defending our right to keep and bear arms against withering attacks from the usual suspects. Just like now.

The familiar cast of characters and “news” outlets would be using the desperate act of a depressed genius in need of help, as cover for an excuse to assault our fundamental human and civil rights. We've seen it countless times. A beloved comedian would make no difference. The relief we felt was palpable.

By strangling himself, Williams denied that movement a monumental opportunity to dance in his blood and screech for more gun control, as they are virtually pre-programmed to do. No one is clamoring for belt control. Why not? The parallel is perfect. No cries for fewer holes in belts, more safety features on belts, less availability, more controls on sales, more lists. No one is saying anything, but the same tired arguments would work, use tragedy as a bludgeon against everyone who owns a bunch of belts yet did nothing (but could!) and heap vicious assaults in the name of the dead. Did you know that about 6,000 people a year commit suicide — using belts?

I realize I invite attacks on myself — for merely speaking up on the issue, from the self-same bigots running this insane morbid show. It is no longer a free country where you can just speak your mind, if that mind is in defense of this fundamental right scorned by the self-proclaimed bigot-elites.

There's a cadre of haters and followers always ready to assault what is so essentially American, who got stymied here by asphyxia. It's a Rahm-Emanuel-level crisis gone to waste.

They are at a loss due to this great loss, and we got a break… then something wonderful happened:

Now the suicide prevention and medical people could finally talk about finally getting a grip on the growing medical problem (not gun problem) of suicide.

What a golden opportunity to separate the legitimate and serious medical issue of depression from the bigotry of anti-rights crusaders awash in the blood of the dead, who use tragedy to advance their perverse cause. The illegitimately conjoined twins have been separated at last.

From this day forward — any misguided or deliberate individuals who hijack a suicide to promote a political agenda against the American Bill of Rights should be publicly called out as bigots and stopped.

They must be held up to public scrutiny as the worst kind of anti-human-rights crusaders, unworthy of political stage, and cast into the same dark dungeon other civil-rights deniers earn, away from the fawning attention they so desperately seek and so unremittingly do not deserve.

For promotion of an anti-civil-rights agenda, they would walk on the backs of the dead, revel in their gore, subvert the needs of the living and afflict those who mourn — all of which were evident by their absence during the great tragic loss the planet has just worked through.

Rest easy, our great friend and entertainer Robin Williams, You have left us with one great lasting final farewell message, our rights remain unblemished by your passage.

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  • 4 thoughts on “Thank Heaven Robin Williams Didn’t Shoot Himself

    1. I posted something very similar on my FB page a day or two after Mr. Williams’ death. Loved the article! See you at GRPC!

    2. While factually true, this article is about as rude and low-classed as a Jesse Jackson so-called “sermon” diatribe. We really don’t need to stoop that low. We have POSITIVE arguments against Adolf’s gun control.

      With the Sword of the Word on my tongue and a brace of pistols on my pulpit!

    3. I appreciate your points, but a really tacky article.
      Yes, it would be, could be a chance for the problems of suicide to be addressed in a reasoned manner. I hope that is the result, but this seems more like an article from MSNBC or Geraldo.

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