The Anti Gun Hypocrisy of Minnesota Congressman Rick ‘Finger on da Trigger’ Nolan

Minnesota Gun Owners PAC Criticizes Rick Nolan For “Significant” Firearms Safety Violation; Offers To Pay For Firearms Safety Training.

Congressman Rick 'Finger on da Trigger' Nolan
Congressman Rick ‘Finger on da Trigger’ Nolan
Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee
Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

SAINT PAUL, MINN. –-( The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee criticized US Representative Rick Nolan for a significant firearms safety violation.

“A picture[1] posted on Twitter showed Mr. Nolan holding an AR-15 rifle with his finger on the trigger while in close proximity to others,” said Bryan Strawser, Executive Director, Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee.

“The basic rules of firearms safety, taught to students as young as 12 in MN DNR hunter safety classes, state clearly that one’s finger should be kept off the trigger until ready to shoot,” said Strawser. “Mr. Nolan’s actions are unsafe and dangerous.”

“It’s nothing short of hypocritical for Mr. Nolan to be photographed at what appears to be a campaign event while holding an AR-15 rifle,” said Strawser. “Despite claiming to be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Rick Nolan has advocated for bans on handguns and modern sporting rifles for nearly forty years. Mr. Nolan has specifically called for a ban on the very rifle he is holding in this photograph.”

The Minnesota Gun Owners PAC has offered to purchase firearms training for Mr. Nolan at Mills Fleet Farm Indoor Shooting in Baxter, MN.

“Mr. Nolan could benefit from competent firearms safety instruction from a credible instructor. We would be happy to help him become a safe gun owner by covering the cost of a firearms safety course.”

About Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee
Minnesota’s non-partisan Pro-2nd Amendment Political Action Committee – supporting candidates that support the civil rights of gun owners in Minnesota

Mission. Our mission is to support Pro-Second Amendment lawmakers & candidates in Minnesota.

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Mr. Nolan stand here and hold this so we can take a picture to try to show you are not an anti self-defense hoplophobe. Nice duds for a day at the range. By the way no magazine doesn’t mean ther wasn’t one in the chamber. I am pretty sure Rick didn’t confirm the chamber was clear when he grabbed the weapon. Who transferred the gun to him and why weren’t background checks done on all present?

Dr. Strangelove

No mag. At least no one was stupid enough to hand him a loaded rifle. (For those of you in Rio Linda, that would be “assault weapon”.)


This REP really need to get some firearms training like now, before he causes injury yo one of his coworkers. You NEVER put your finger on the trigger unless you plan to depress it.


Socialist-Democrats are liars and hypocrites. The first time Slick Willie ran for the presidency, he claimed he was in favor of gun ownership. He stated (and I paraphrase): “Shucks, I used to go out in Arkansas and hunt ducks with my rifle…!” A RIFLE for migratory waterfowl? I doubt whether this draft-dodger knows the difference between a rifle and a shotgun. But a photo op is a photo op, after all, in order to deceive gullible voters.


Maybe they were shooting drones …. NOT . Practice safety silly politicians, wanna be infamous like Dick Shotgun Cheney?