The Story, Technology & Patents Behind TrackingPoint

TrackingPoint Rifle System
TrackingPoint Rifle System
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DeKalb, Illinois –-(  From the moment it entered the firearms industry TrackingPoint has been a company that generated high technology firearms components and a controversial buzz to go with it.

Does the use of a TrackingPoint scope result in less ethical hunting by reducing or eliminating fair chase?

Is the use of a TrackingPoint scope more ethical because of the greater likelihood of a clean kill?

Does TrackingPoint eliminate the need to practice markmanship? Is the use of TrackingPoint software justifiably causing concerns among Second Amendment advocates?

In Episode 132 of Gun Guy Radio Jake Challand addresses these issues, in addition to learning about the incredible technology behind the TrackingPoint system, with Scott Calvin.

The TrackingPoint system is a Linux driven system that calculates and accounts for virtually all environmental variables that will affect the shot. It allows for longer and more accurate shots even on moving targets.  The scope is zeroed every time it is turned on and the scope allows for the shooter’s view to be viewed and recorded on a mobile device via a wifi system that is integral to the scope. One concern that has recently arisen is TrackingPoint’s patent on a system that will allow firearms to be disabled when within a school zone.  Scott explains that this patent was obtained, not to further gun control, but to prevent that technology from falling into the hands of anti-second amendment advocates.

TrackingPoint rifles are built on either a Remington 700 or and AR-15 style action.  The 1000 Series is designed to be accurate out to 1000 yards and comes in either .338 Lapua and .300 Win. Mag. For a more “tactical” look, consumers have the choice of the Accuracy International chasis. The Hunter model comes with a McMillan A5 stock.  The 750 Series, which is designed for use up to 750 yards is similar, but comes in a lighter weight package in either .338 Lapua or .308 Win.  Finally, the AR Series employes the AR-15 platform with a TrackingPoint scope in 5.56×45, 7.62×51, .300 AAC Blackout, and .300 Win. Mag.

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