Tiny Gun Picture To Get 11-Year-Old Boy Expelled from Virtual School

Tiny Gun Picture To Get 11-Year-Old Boy Expelled from Virtual School
Tiny Gun Picture To Get 11-Year-Old Boy Expelled from Virtual School
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Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)-  WISN-AM host Vicki McKenna reported the story out of Wisconsin last week: An 11-year-old boy named Matthew, who attends an online school through Wisconsin Virtual Learning, was asked to remove a picture of a gun from his digital profile, and his mother is now worried that he’ll be expelled over his Second Amendment enthusiasm.

In a nutshell: virtual guns are banned from virtual school.

The severity of the situation remains somewhat muddled, as the TheBlaze was unable to independently verify the threat of expulsion.

It seems that the story primarily reflects the muddied distinctions between the real and online worlds, and how a prohibition on “guns in school” can have unexpected free-speech implications.

Officials with the Northern Ozaukee School District, which sponsors Matthew’s cyber school, did not return requests for comment from TheBlaze.

(H/T: Badger Pundit)

7 thoughts on “Tiny Gun Picture To Get 11-Year-Old Boy Expelled from Virtual School

  1. Yeah we are already officially screwed. PC correctness is among the many reasons that I am glad that I only have at best 25 or so years left to watch the America I grew up in die a painful death, that is if we are still here in 25 years. Four more like the last six (and next two) will about finish us off.

  2. Political Correctness run amok., like the Maryland teacher for writing in a fiction al book about a school shooting, taken into custody for an involuntary psych eval and placed on job suspension. That sounds like old style soviet attitude to me. PC is not on the side of America.

  3. A march?! Then what – Say STOP and maybe STOP again if those who think they are “Elite” don’t do what you want?

    Maybe Wave some home made signs while singing very outdated cute chants hoping that THEY start to give a shit what you and i think?

    Sorry but marches, protest, petitions and writing letters are now useless – thats why THEY count on the slaves to continue that process.

  4. IT IS time for a march on the states capital buildings then march straight to the Washington D. C. and 1600 Pennsylvania avenue

  5. @Jim – Don’t forget Bush, Bush and potentially another Bush in 2016 (like “Elections” really matter anymore).

    If Elections really did matter they would have been outlawed decades ago.

    Home School People – pull your children out of all these indoctrination centers – the only thing they learn is how to be a better slave than you are from your indoctrination.

  6. Does anyone still question that we are the dumbest people on earth–hell, just look at who we reelect for president (Obama,Clinton,Roosevelt)–and we do it even when presented with the facts.

    God ought to call in another asteroid–the dinosaurs weren’t all that bad–nor this stupid!

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