Todd Jarrett Attempts A Shooting First – This Week on Shooting USA

Todd Jarrett
Todd Jarrett plans to make history with a shooting first—two guns, two targets, and two mirrors.
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

USA – -( Shooting USA – The U.S. Steel Nationals 2014

Draw and shoot 5 steel targets. That’s the challenge for the fastest pistol shooters in the nation, running all out for the title of National Champion in the U.S. Steel Nationals from Florida. Plus, the secrets behind the movie guns. John Scoutten is at ISS to learn how they make them look so real, safely. And John Paul explains your choices of rifle scope zero and how to choose.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – History Reflected

Todd Jarrett plans to make history with a shooting first—two guns, two targets, and two mirrors. Todd’s ready, but an unlikely problem could derail his run at making the history books. Then a classic shot from an old friend. Bob Munden, with his Colt Single Action Army, shooting smaller and smaller aerial targets.


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IDPA, NMLRA & Trevor

It’s a week of National Championships! First, Mike Irvine and crew take off to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the IDPA U.S. National Championship. Then, the sport and heritage of muzzle loading is front and center at the NMLRA National Championship Shoot in Friendship, Indiana, with our crew arriving this weekend. Finally, it’s a short trip to Kentucky where Trevor Baucom hosts a family day for Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans for HAVA on Saturday. Be sure to say “hi” to our crews!

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Kyle Hutcheson

If I missed the show due to Church last night , will it be reaired? Are where can I go to see it? Did you make the shot? wished I could have caught it. Love to watch Y’all shooting. Thank’s