Trout with Attitude on This Week’s The Sporting Chef, Sportsman Channel

Sunday, 7 am ET

USA (Ammoland.Com) – How do you cook a mild fish without burying it in flavors? Learn a simple way to give trout an attitude on this week’s The Sporting Chef – an original series hosted and created by Scott Leysath. Plus, viewers will learn how to make salmon crispy with Hank Shaw, blue gills in the dutch oven with Cee Dub and Stacy Harris’ favorite kitchen tools. Tune in to The Sporting Chef on Sportsman Channel on this Sunday at 7:00 a.m. ET with re-air Friday, October 3 at 11:30 a.m. ET

sc-troutwithattitudeLeysath tantalizes viewers with his southwestern trout with green chili grits. “One of the more common questions I hear is ‘how can I give trout flavor,’” said Leysath. “Since it is a milder fish, you don’t want to bury it with a lot of strong flavors. So you make it a bit crispy and pair it with a side dish, like cheesy grits, that just goes well with anything.”

Also on this week’s show: Melissa Bachman gives advice for off-season scouting, Hank Shaw makes a crispy skin for his salmon, Tommy Gomes is on shrimp, Cee Dub shows how easy it is to make pan fish in a dutch oven and Buddy T gets “microzapped.”

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The Sporting Chef, hosted by Scott Leysath, leans on Leysath’s 25-year career as a fish and game chef, along with some of the outdoor industry’s most-talented and innovative experts on the topics of fish and game preparation, outdoor cooking, camping, harvested game handling and storage. The show offers outdoor programming in a fast-paced magazine format covering a variety of topics from stuffing quail with rabbit-rattlesnake sausage to local game feeds to finding out whether farmed salmon is a good thing for our bodies or the environment.

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7 years ago

Just like Phil cooks the fish plus some steamed spinach.

7 years ago

I get one or two, I just frypan it with a bit of oil.
No breading or anything.
Salt & pepper, can’t get any simplier.