911 Audio, Widow After Shooting Intruder: ‘Don’t Get Up or I’ll Shoot Again’

By AWR Hawkins

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911 Audio, Widow After Shooting Intruder: ‘Don’t Get Up or I’ll Shoot Again’
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On September 3 2013, AZ Central posted the audio of a 911 call that provides frightening insight into the terror that gripped a Phoenix, Arizona, widow as her door was kicked in and she came under attack.

At the same time, the audio stands as further proof that a gun becomes an equalizer in the hands of a woman who finds herself in this situation.

As the tape reveals, the attacker–Michael Lewis–pounced on the 47-year-old woman, seemingly without considering the fact that she might shoot him. And when she did shoot, Lewis can be heard screaming and then asking, “What was that? What was that?”

The widow responded, “Did you think you could just beat me half to death?”

She then told the dispatcher, “I shot him,” and the dispatcher attempted to calm her down by telling her police were on their way to assist her.

The woman then turned her attention back to the wounded suspect and said, “Don’t get up or I’ll shoot your (bleep) again!”

AZ Central reports that the widow’s late husband taught her how to shoot the .38 revolver.

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Are you kidding? You’re complaining about your Sentry gun safe? Research your purchase next time. And find an appropriate forum on which to air your whines.


Good job, lady. Next time don’t let them get so close before shooting.
Off subject: I inquired of Sentry Safes how to burglar proof their 4 gun model and via E mail thet the safe wqaws not a theft reducing product, but only a fire safe.
Why then, is it sold and advertised as a “4 gun “safe” ? My advice would be DON’T BUY ONE !