AR-15 Podcast 095 – Unslung and Rail Mounted Weapons

DeKalb, Illinois – Reed Snyder and J.W. Ramp get together to bring you episode 95 AR-15 Podcast and it’s sure to inspire a few grins. This week’s topic is other weapon systems that can be mounted to the black rifle. We start with the grenade launcher. Anyone who watches military movies, plays first person shooters, or sees news footage of American troops in action will recognize this handy piece of gear. It fires a variety of ordinance including flares, grenades, and smoke. The device comes in a few size variants with the most common being 40mm and 37mm. Reed and J.W. give insight on some of the differences between the two and the rounds fired through them.

Aside from the ubiquitous grenade launcher, there are other rail mounted options for your black rifle. Historically, the most common was the bayonet, but there there are a host of others and they range from practical to ridiculous. For example, a shotgun can be undermounted for door breaching; a flamethrower or chainsaw can be used for zombies.

As always, the legality of these devices varies and shooters interested in these items should check with local counsel before attempting to purchase any of them. Check out this week’s product of the week is the Lewis Machine and Tool 203 Grenade Launcher.

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