Bear Whisperer Dedicates Show To Debunk the Anti-Hunting Referendum

Watch this special show for free online with the video below.

Blaine Anthony, the host of the award winning TV show “The Bear Whisperer
Blaine Anthony, the host of the award winning TV show “The Bear Whisperer
The Bear Whisperer
The Bear Whisperer

Fairfield ME – -( In a few weeks, Maine voters will have the opportunity to vote on Question 1, which [misleadingly] reads: Do you want to ban the use of bait, dogs or traps in bear hunting except to protect property, public safety, or for research?

Blaine Anthony, the host of the award-winning TV show “The Bear Whisperer” will air a series special next week regarding this issue.  The show will explain not only Anthony’s opinion on the referendum but explain and show facts about the HSUS who brought this question to the doorstep of all hunters who hunt bear in Maine.

“I am only interested in one thing, to get the public to educate themselves before voting on this issue” said Anthony.

“The fact are undisputable and if the residents vote on this issue with their brain and heart, not their emotions, the vote will go the right way.

The president of HSUS stated  “We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States… We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped.”.

That is really what we are dealing with here, and I simply explain facts on this episode, and I’m not sugar coating anything”.

The Bear Whisperer has brought in special guests such as Maine Governor Paul Lepage, Sportsman Alliance of Maine’s David Trehan, UFC great Josh Koscheck and the world-renowned bear biologist Randy Cross.  The show is also available online for anyone to watch free at

To learn more about The Bear Whisperer, visit and follow Anthony on Twitter at Like them on Facebook at


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I always loved that show…. now I love it even more! The fact that Blaine took the time to put something like that together is unreal.

James C Barcliff Sr & Family

hsus has developed into nothing more than a money collecting business with little to no money ever reaching true animal humane societies which are really doing great work at helping homeless animals, providing vet clinics for the public to use and animal adoption agency to help get these animals adopted!! peta, hsus and others like them do NO WORK to help animals but they can really point fingers at others and claim they are hurting and killing por animals!! The truth is and they ignore it is the fact that anumal control, animal habitat conservation are supported in so many… Read more »


They have not “developed in to”. The HSUS has ALWAYS been just about money, not about animals, the same as PeTA.


IF the hsus has their way not only will this country be disarmed over night but all hunting will be stopped over night as well. I can never donate to an organization that has nothing but hate for the people of the country. When a person gets attacked by an animal the first thing they do or say is why was that person hunting the animal. No, the hsus is another one of those anti rights organizations. Well here’s a question for all of you out there what happens when there is no more hunting and the animals are so… Read more »

Bryan Eastman

Thank you Blaine! Hunting IS conservation and Maine IFWL is doing a great job! I have hunted bears in Maine many times and hope to have MANY more hunts there!