Best Concealed Carry Handgun

best concealed carry handgun
The best concealed carry handgun should include any of these three Glocks.
Midwest Carry Academy
Midwest Carry Academy

Eden Prairie, Minnesota –-( What should one consider when searching for the best concealed carry handgun?

This question comes up over and over in classes in one way or another. And the answer isn’t quite straight forward or as easy to arrive at as one might think.

Reason being, the answer will potentially be very specific to the person asking the question.

Probably one of the most important considerations when deciding what gun one will carry as their concealed carry handgun will be their lifestyle. What I mean by lifestyle is the multitude of factors that affect our everyday life. From the small things like what you wear on a daily basis to the big things like your career or family life, many of these factors should be considered if one wants to avoid an abrupt realization that the gun he or she invested in isn’t what they actually needed or wanted for a daily concealed carry handgun.

Analyzing our lifestyle within the context of carrying a gun will help us more clearly define exactly what we want.

Best Concealed Carry Handgun

For most people this is the easy part; it doesn’t take long (even for individuals who may be relatively inexperienced with the subject of carrying a gun) to make statements about what they want in a concealed carry handgun. Statements such as “I want something that’s going to be easy to conceal” or “something that’s going to be comfortable to carry” are not bad or shallow things to want in a carry gun, although it is foolish to be completely ignorant of the compromises that come at the expense of your preferences.

Most are quick to list the things they want in a concealed carry handgun, but how many identify, accept, and truly understand the compromises in their decision.

Ruger LC9 best concealed carry handgun
Ruger LC9 with Adjustable 3-Dot/Crimson Trace Laserguard makes the list as one of my choices for best concealed carry handgun.

There is a per-requisite to understanding these compromises and that is education. Obviously one will not be able to identify these compromises without first having knowledge of them. Assuming we are working with someone who has zero knowledge we obviously start from the ground up with basic handgun familiarization: safety of course, handgun anatomy, understanding various action types, etc. This could be something like a beginner’s handgun course based more in a classroom environment or maybe even your states basic requirement for concealed carry training.

Beyond the ground level basics its very important to graduate to a class that has more range time than your average concealed carry course that teaches you how to shoot and maybe even gives you an opportunity to shoot different types of handguns for comparison. More training beyond these basics that give you a solid knowledge base is definitely encouraged and I would argue, is required. But, even with a good basic knowledge one can not only more readily determine what they are looking for in a handgun but also quickly identify the compromises that are attached to it.

So to illustrate, the commonly held preference for a small handgun more often than not comes from a desire for something that will be easy to conceal and comfortable to carry. These are perfectly reasonable preferences so long as one understands the compromises associated with the small gun.

The more educated/experienced one is, the more compromises they’ll be able to identify when deciding on the best concealed carry handgun for their situation;

  • The magazine capacity (how many rounds the gun can hold) may be low
  • Being smaller and lighter, the gun may have more felt recoil or snap
  • The shorter sight radius may make it more difficult to be precise (the sights themselves may be designed to be very low profile to keep from snagging if one was to carry in a pocket and therefore make the sights themselves more difficult to see and align).
  • Your grip may not be as ideal due to the frames smaller size and therefore reduce surface area contact with your hand (making it potentially even more difficult to manage the muzzle flip of the gun).

These are just a few of many examples of the compromises that one should be aware of. There is no perfect carry gun that will work for all because what I value may not be what you value, and the compromises I’m willing to accept, may not be compromises you’re willing to accept.

Fobus Holster GL42ND holster for Glock 42's as the Best Concealed Carry Handgun
Fobus Holster GL42ND holster for Glock 42’s

As long as an individual can identify these issues, live with them, and most importantly keep them in consideration in their training, then who’s to say that person shouldn’t carry that gun.

So what is the best concealed carry handgun?

There is no perfect carry gun that will work for all because everyone values different features in their handguns.

There may however be good places to begin your search as you start to flesh out what you’re looking for in a carry gun. Modern sub-compact and pocket pistols have some of the more obvious downsides that accompany their size but are extremely popular as many, both uneducated and educated, value comfort, light weight, conceal-ability, etc. when they think of a carry gun.

The market responds to this demand and has a slew of small sub-compact to pocket pistol sized options such as the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Glock 42, Ruger LC9, and the list goes on.

Some larger but not to large options such as the Glock 19 are extremely popular giving people a reasonably sized compact gun that many could comfortably carry and conceal while being perhaps a little more comfortable to shoot as well. There’s a plethora of options, which is all the more reason for people to educate themselves as much as possible.

The more they know, the easier it is to quickly identify the compromises they’re willing to accept and the compromises they’re not willing to accept.

About Midwest Carry Academy;

Midwest Carry Academy is the premier firearms training resource in the upper-Midwest.  We provide instruction for the responsibly armed citizen through a catalog of courses including concealed carry training in Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  Visit:

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Glen G

Used to carry a Ruger LCP. Nice to carry, but a little small for my taste. 6 months ago picked up a Glock 42 & added a Pearce mag extender. VERY nice to shoot & also quite concealable. I will be hard-pressed to ever want to go to another CCW.


I have been carrying a Colt Pocketlite 380 for 17 years.The real deal,alloy frame and stainless slide,Not like there new addition with the polymer frame.A little pricey at almost $800.00 with night sights installed but very accurate.With Federal Hydroshock ammo.From day one,and after a few thousand rounds,not a single jam.I changed the plastic guide rod to stainless and the trigger to aluminum and lightened the mainspring to give it a crisp 3lb pull.Still with all custom work,not a single jam.Changed the grips to black diamond wood and what a little beauty.Easily carried in my back pocket when riding my Harley… Read more »


The XDs .45acp is great and another to seriously consider is the Glock 29sf; small, hard hitting (10mm), and a 15 round capacity @full load. That’s a tough one to beat!

Tom Fahey

I love my Kimber Ultra Carry II. I am lucky enough to have a range at home so I can practice all times and conditions.That is more important than the .45.

Norm H.

Walther PPQ in .40 – Incredibly accurate. Double-Tap within a Silver Dollar at 25 ft. without blinking. Take your time and drop all twelve rounds into a hole the size of a quarter. From the Target range, you can empty the clip faster than any other gun in its class.

Jim C

KelTec PF9 gets my vote.

I have had no reliability issues, shoots accurately, easy to conceal due to it’s being under 1 pound and under 1 inch thick and 7+1 at 9mm is plenty for me.

I carry it every day and hardly notice it. Very comfortable.

KelTec PF9 Concealed Carry Weapon

Sharon Starr

I carry a Glock 19 and have for two years. Two extra mags and I’m all set. I also shoot a Glock 34 custom hand gun with an extended mag. Huge fan of the Glock. My Galco holster is perfect but it did take a little time to adjust to carrying a full size Glock but well worth the effort and adjustment.


I carried m Glock23 for 4 years. I love it. When i go to range…is like a TRAIN♡♡♡

Robert M

Some great tips. I especially agree with you on this “the more experienced one is the more compromises one will be able to identify”. I also think that most people need to take a look at their lifestyle and choose corresponding gun that fits it. We wrote about this recently here: Who knows, maybe someone find it useful. I would also love some feedback. Anyways, thanks for yet another great post. I am looking forward for more.
– Robert M.

Karl Jackson

My three-season carry is a Beretta 92FS, in an IWB hybrid holster. It’s a breeze with a good belt. In summer (jeans and tee shirt) I switch to my Ruger LCR revolver (.38SPL +P), which I appendix carry under the tee shirt in a custom leather holster.

Beretta 92FS Handgun


Right on with the beretta 92FS. I own many handguns I have carried for all the wrong reasons. It boils down to comfort and accuracy. The 92FS is untouchable in these areas.


On duty my backup piece is an AMT “backup” .45acp. I wear it in an ankle holster, and at 10-12 yards, it’s an absolute dream. It is a little hard on the hand, but when it comes to shoot, you don’t feel it anyway.
My duty piece is the old and trusty .45 Colt . I know, but I have carried it for over 30 years (in the Army MP’s) and it has never failed yet. There is never any doubt when it hits something that it is going to take the “something” down.

Ma Dang

Finally someone who knows what they are talking about ! I have carried my back up (.45) for 20+ years. I have carried it on my ankle, small of back and armpit. IT WORKS and IT KICKS ! I would NEVER shoot it anyone further than 5 yards away, but practice at 10 yards on targets.
Home defense (?) my Mossberg .410 pistol grip pump with 18″ spreader cylinder barrel and 3″ x 04 buck loads with laser and flashlight, sure beats the hell out of any pistol in the dark !


I have a 6 shot revolver snub nosed .22 and don’t doubt that it will do the job. Just a gun fired at a criminal will at least send him packing. Ninety-nine percent are cowards but I have reservations of just pissing off someone it does not hit just right. I love my .45 but that is one heavy SOB for concealed carry. Then, even with my shoulder holster, just about impossible to conceal in warm weather. I love the firepower of the .45 and know no one is going to live to fight another day from that. I have… Read more »


I use a boberg xr45-s with g2r .45 ammo.

Shortest, slimmest, most concealable .45 caliber on the market.

Boberg Xr45-S Pistol

Nathan Moore

Bondarms bought Boberg arms, now making the bullpup.

Tim Brotzman

For me it is my XDS 9mm or my XDS 45. Also now and then the Ruger SP101 snub nose 357

Raymond Miller

It’s the SDX .45 for me. Recoil is manageable, it absorbs a lot of that. And I know you will be stopped when I hit you with that big slug. I use 185 gr HP, and Hornady Critical Defense.


I like my XD-s and my wife’s S&W Shield. I can shoot them both well, but the fact my wife can handle the Shield demonstrates what a fine choice it is.


Re: The untied shoe defense. An old high top sock with a couple of size ‘D’ batteries inside it complements that rig.

Danny Pruett

My concealed carry weapon of choice is a Walther PPK, in .380. Realizing that the .380 isn’t the best caliber, I use +P hollow points in my Walther. I carry in an inside the waistband holster, right behind my left hip. (During workhours I have a S:ED open carry licehse for my work place, but I like my Walther much better. Second favorite is my
Taurus PT909, a 9mm with 17 shot clip, also in an inside the waistband holster

Dr Dave

Danny you are a lefty shooting a PPK. God bless ya. I have carried a PPK for now going on 35 years in 380 it has never failed and I am a former LEO with special permission to carry it. When everyone else was farting around with all the other calibers I stayed with the 9mm Kurtz. Heck if it was good enough for the British it was good enough for me. I have easily shot 30K rounds thru it and short of holster wear it looks like day one. I fiber the barrel atleast once a year to make… Read more »

Larry Parks

5.7 x 28 FN. Light, no bigger than 1911, 20 rd mag. The round , for those people who are not familiar with this cal is a 45grain speedster that eats Kevlar . it was developed by N.A.T.O. It has a lite recoil, my 110lb wife loves it. it also has a safety. only drawback is that you are not going to find this round at the hardware store, and the gun is a little pricey.what is your life worth. also remember that no weapon that is not comfortable in your hand is going to be effective , because you… Read more »


I just got the taurus millenium pt111 g2. I love it. Super comfortable, very accurate, never had a single issue with it. I’m a glock guy, but I have to admit I’m very impressed with the steps Taurus has taken.

Taurus Millenium Pt111 G2 Pistol

Lloyd Jones

Totally agree. I’ve got Glocks (3), and several other great carry handguns. BUT: very impressed with the Taurus PT111 G2 in 9mm. Bought one NIB and zero problems. Super carry size and perfect with 12+1 capacity. Taurus got this one right! Unbelievable gun.


I recently purchased the pt111 g2 and I am very happy with the gun


I do love my PT111. Flawless record so far with me. Love the way it feels, looks, shoots. My EDC.


The best carry weapon is an untied shoe!

Old Shoe


You take it off & kill them with the smell?

Chuck Barton

It just depends on my style of dress and anticipated conditions. LCP, Nano, G36 or G23. And if I’m having to carry small there’s usually something bigger nearby.

Mike Modlin

I have carried an SR9 for five yrs. now. 18 chambered. No problem at 25 yrds. I have smaller hands but, this fits right. If you can`t bring-um down with that, bless ya.

Ruger SR9C Pistol with Laserlyte Rear Sight Laser

chris g.

is that a laser setup on the rear sight? where did u get it if so.


I carry a taurus 740 “slim”. People scoff at the brand, but it’s fired well over 1000 rounds with zero failures even with 6-7 different shooters. It also lands all rounds in an 8″ plate at 20yds firing off hand.

Taurus 740


I have a Taurus 740 slim and it is a great little pistol.

ervin hanson

I don’t know why people have to run down less expensive firearms. I can remember when Taurus, Charter Arms, Llama and others were considered Saturday Night Specials. Well, been around a long time. And now the Hi-point is the new target. I have one for my wife to learn to shoot. So don’t worry if your pistol didn’t cost $1000 up, don’t worry about it.


Firearms are like everything else,you get what you pay for ! Buy junk you get junk ! I buy only quality firearms ! Buy once cry once !

fw webb

I have shot handguns, for fun, competition for decades with 45’s and wheel (38). I have to ask two questions as the smaller short barrel models, chamber to end of barrel nearly nonexistent in many, real accuracy above 5 yards must be, for all practical purposes impossible. A. Does data exist as to average distance a carry gun, not to be confused with cops or in home use, what is the distance? 2. What is the average range of some sort of accuracy we can expect, for average shooter, includes muzzle blast, noise, etc, what is that distance in real… Read more »

Howard Sizemore

I carry a Keltec P-11 and have had it for about four years now and love it. Great concealability, light weight and comfortable. I did manufacture a new guide rod for it out of metal, because I didn’t care for the poly guide rod that came with it and I added the finger rest also.

Keltec P-11 Handgun

Russ Z

Yes, best for cc, also has re-strike and takes all s&w 59,69 and camp carbine mags.

Louis F Fow

I have discovered that one of the sweetest carry guns is the 1908 colt pocket pistol. It is small but I have big hands and it still fits nicely in my hand. There are a range of holsters available for inside and outside the waist band, back, side draw and right or left high carry on the belt. I find it accurate up to 25 yards and know that most self defense shoots are much closer than that. When searching I always find several available on line for less than $500. With new springs and pins it is a vary… Read more »


+1 on the old Colt 1908 and the 1903 Pocket Hammerless. Smooth, thin design, grip safety, designed by J M Browning, available in excellent used condition in the $500 range, and in 25, 32, and 380 ACP.

Cherokee Scot

.32 NAA. Been my favorite for five years, cant find anything that comes close. Fits the palm of my hand. Up to over 1000 fps. Its a 32 slug in a 38 brass. Handles great, shoots great. No comparison, none!

Guardian .32 NAA


CW380 with Liberty 50grain personal defense – 1500 fps


I carry the Ruger sr9c. Fits perfect in my n8 tactical holster and plenty of ammo just in case.

Ruger SR9c Compact Pistol Blackened Finish

Jim O'Brien

For me, it’s either the Sig 938 in 9mm or the S&W
.380 Bodyguard w/laser. It depends on what I’m wearing for the day. I wear a lot of sweats and shorts with drawstrings. I’ve found holsters
(Remora for the .380, or the N82 Tactical Pro. for the Sig) either on works great, but it’s a matter of being the most comfortable…jim/louisiana

Sig 938 in 9mm

George M.

For me, the Springfield XDs 3.3 in 45 ACP wearing a set of Diamond Speed Night Sights tucked into a Bianchi Professional 100T will disappear under even a t-shirt. Accurate as heck with Federal 230 grain HST’s, 5+1 on board, two five round mags tucked into the back pocket, keep me inconspicuous… And well armed…

Springfield XDs 3.3 in 45 ACP


I tend to lean more to Glocks (19, 26 & 30S). I tried the Springfield XDS 9mm and found that it shoots well and has a comfortable carry footprint. I trade off with each depending on my dress for the day. I’m “Old School”, and previously carried my Makarov 9×18, but now only use at range. Not being a Gunsmith, I find any enhancements to the XDS being more difficult than with Glocks. I would recommend looking at both for options.


I’ve got to agree I almost always carry a Glock 19, Glock 30s, or Glock 27. I also carry a XDS 3.3 .45ACP it’s a very concealable gun and very accurate. However I just go an HK VP9 and that gun is the finest handgun out of the box I’ve ever shot. HK put lot’s of time into this master piece, I Love It! So I’ve been practicing with it and I’m comfortable enough to carry it. And it’s VERY comfortable…..

Don Bailey

For the money, you can’t find a better value, or better quality. I love the trigger on the XD’s.


I to love my XDs. Purchased a Sig, 40 cal. liked it but to heavy & bulky. Purchased a S & W 40 cal., didn’t like at all. Would like a Colt, but can’t afford. So I tried a XDs and fell in love. Sweet gun to carry, to shoot, and has a feel to fit.
Best 45 around for the money. That’s my view and I’m sticking to it.!!


I have the XDS as well as other handguns I really like my Glocks and my 1911s but when it’s a nice hot day and I wear shorts and a tank top I carry my XDS it has a great trigger and very easy to get on target. May not be the best choice for people with bear hands but it is very reliable.




Kerry meyer

I also carry the bersa 380. I love the size and weight. It is a good quality gun at a reasonable price…

Russ Z

For size, cal, weight, double action w/ re-strike it would be hard to find a better option than a Kel Tec P-11, and it takes all s&w 59, 69 and camp carbine mags..

Joe Littlejohn

I had a P11: most viscious little piece of ordinance I ever had. Liked the size & capacity but the long 9-11# trigger & very aggressive grip bite were excessive. For concealed; back to a commander size, IWB.


I must agree, The Bersa Thunder .380 is my 1st choice in concealed carry. While I have several to choose from, I always revert back to this Bersa. Very comfortable and accurate. T

David Johns

Carry what you are comfortable with and shoot well with too. The most important thing is PRACTICE,PRACTICE,PRACTICE. Practice sitting down, shooting to either side, but PRACTICE.

Jorge Norberto Pedace

Siempre he sido un fanático admirador de Colt’s,la 19ll me dió en el tiro en
polígono grandes satisfacciones,y el calíbre que estableció un período de glo
ria por supuesto el 45 ACP.No obstante reconozco que la marca AUSTRÍACA Glock
es también un arma muy precisa,bién balanceada,y con muy buena agrupación en
los tres calíbres clásicos 45ACP 9mmXl9 y 40 ACP.Debo decir que la industria
armera hoy en día,ha llegado a un punto de perfeccionamiento superlativo tan
to en armas de puño ó mano,como en armas largas.

Muchas gracias por permitirme expresar mi punto de vista

Don Schimpff

The Colt Agent LW 2nd Issue (with protected hammer) and the Colt Detective Special with 3″ barrel are my favorites. Both are accurate and have easy trigger pulls.

Colt Agent LW 2nd Issue Revolver


I prefer the Colt AGENT LW 2nd Issue with hammer guard. It’s light but if you practice, the little extra felt recoil is negligible. Superb mechanism and easy trigger pull. I found 2 and gave one to my granddaughter.
Unfortunately they don’t make it anymore.
My second choice is my Colt Detective Special with the rare 3″ barrel. 6 accurate deiveries.


I’m old school. An M-1934 .380 Beretta is light and has a pinky rest built into the mag for greater comfort and stability. It’s not .45-like powerful, but it is light on recoil for better accuracy; Besides, it was good enough for James Bond until Her Majesty’s Secret Service made him replace it with a Walther back in ’62.


Bond carried a Walther PPK and was forced to get rid of it. He said, “Ok,” and put it in his pocket.


Uh, watch again. He carried a Beretta .25. They forced him to upgrade to the Wather PPK in .380. He tried to slip out with the Beretta also but was told to put it back.

petr cretekos

The problem is in N J you can not carry corselet weapons, is a stiff senders and jell time, I like to carry when I go in N Y C but if you get cot with the gun on you or in the car , you looking 5 years in jell, I have a 9 MM but I will not brake the law , and I will not carry a gun ,so I will not tack the change ,I am going in the range and I use it, plus I have a long guns that I use them for hunting,

Steve Lubbe

Is this English? Eubonics? Drinking and discussing firearms?


Maybe he didn’t install his copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking software properly?


Or maybe he is not for this country and his English is not perfect for that reason. Stop being so quick to judge. Judge not lest ye be judeged.

Bill Phillipy

I think it is a disservice not to highlight a few excellent revolvers that would suit many carry preferences. I switched to a Smith & Wesson M&P model 360 in.357 Magnum several years ago, and I am extremely satisfied with the overall performance, and the ease of carrying it. The gun weight is under 14oz empty, and when holstered it is easy to forget you have it on your belt. Yes, it has nasty recoil, but with the 5 available rounds it manages OK and is reasonably accurate. My point is primarily focused on the absence of revolvers in most… Read more »


I carry either the Glock 23 40 caliber, or the Smith and Wesson model 638 38+p with a crimson trace. The 38 I feel is a much better gun for up close defense, which most outside hostile interactions are. The Glock is a good home defense weapon. I do admire many of the other choices commenters have made on their preference for self defense. I feel as long as your are comfortable with your choice, and have made yourself comfortable with it on the range, you’re good to go. I think they are all fine examples of a weapon that… Read more »


Only two that I consider perfect for me, mostly a shorts and T shirts guy. Glock 27 with loose fitting clothes, Kahr PM9 for dress. There could be many others, but both of mine are darn accurate, and that’s what I want most.

Glock 27 Pistol in OD green


I have many but my day in and day out is the Glock 26. For those that don’t know this little pistol it holds 10 rounds of 9mm hollow points with one in the tube. It’s very accurate, reliable, surprisingly comfortable and easily concealed. If you’ve never carried IWB, do yourself a favor and give it a try. It could be well worth your time.

Glock 26 Pistol High Cap Mag


Thats how the movie good guys never run out of bullets , myth busted.

Rick DElligatti

I just purchased a Glock42. I had a Beretta Nano. But fully loaded it was a little heavy. The Glock is lighter and much easier to conceal. 380 hollow points will do quite well.

GLOCK 42 Pistol with Laser


For me the perfect carry gun is the Glock model 23. .40 S & W, 13+1rounds, fits my hand well plus easy to conceal. I use a n82 tactical IWB holster. Very comfortable. I am a big .45 fan and started out with the sub compact model 36 then to a model 30SF. Being sub-compacts they were both easy to conceal but too small for my hands. Plus I didn’t feel they carried enough rounds (6+1).

Glock Model 23. .40 S&W Pistol

Dean Pressley

I have a high point C-9 Luger 9 MM I can hide it easily under my shirt.

High Point C-9 Luger 9mm Semi Auto

Rick T

Hi Mister. You are a silly one!


High point? Concealed carry? Those dont go together. That thing is big thick brick. Sure stands up to its name…makes a “High Point” stand out in your clothing!

RobM, Florida

EDC: Full size Springfield 1911 Mil Spec with GI sights in a Crossbreed IWB holster. Why such a big, heavy, and outdated gun? Because I shoot well with it, it’s like a Nikon camera, just point and shoot.

Springfield 1911 Mil Spec Handgun

Lynn Pridgen

I usually target practice with my M&P 9mm. or M&P .45. However, my old standby and by far the most accurate is my M1911A1 with original sights. Loose as all get out but accurate as hell at 15 yards. It was made in 1944 as still handles beautifully. A little difficult to conceal carry but I don’t care as we have open carry in Texas.


The best gun to carry is the one that you shoot well and will be carrying when need arises.


I have 45’s, 40’s and of course one (1) 9mm. And it’s the Kel-Tec PF-9. As the person stated above, it is a perfect carry gun for almost all occasions.

Kel-Tec PF9 Pistol Tan

ken falls

For the people that carry the PF9 . I have one and cannot understand how you can take the long hard trigger pull? Am I missing something? I would really appreciate your input on this .

Jim in Va.

Smith&Wesson in .40 for me. Light,good for small hands and dependable.

Matthew Dapson

SIG 938

SIG 938 Pistol

roger philpott

I have a variety of sizes and calibers that I carry depending on how I dress or destination . I have found I carry a Kel-tec PF9 most of the time , it is easy to conceal , light weight , dependable and is made in the USA , but most important is it hits where I aim it.Just a small , inexpensive firearm that works really well.

Kel-Tec PF9 Pistol

david o

Piece of sh**. I had one for a month and it FTE or stovepiped on every mag. Sent it back to the manufacturer and it still failed to work. Cheap but crappy .


agree with david o. my pf9 would not disassemble, called kel-tec and they told me to drive a thin screw driver betwen the frame and barrel to force the disassembly pin out of the gun, and if that didn’t work, send it back to the factory. could not get that pin out so bye bye went the pf9.

Doc Rob

I guess there are good ones and Bad ones. My PF9 is as reliable and damn near as accurate as my Glocks! I have NEVER had a stove pipe or mis-feed, I have NO problems with disassembly, It eats everything from Tul Ammo 9mm with steel case, to Federal White Box, to what is usually in my mags, Hornandy Critical Defense. I would not trade it for a Glock 42 and I have 6 other Glocks. Slips in my pocket un-noticed in a pocket holster and has a Crimson Trace Laser Grip which I never have to think about in… Read more »


Kel Tec recently revamped their entire factory to ISO 9001 certification. People find newer KT products to be of better quality now and thus more reliable, whereas the older ones were more ‘hit and miss’ – some good and some lemons.

Doc Rob

Re-reading this, I still agree! However I also just purchased a Ruger LC9S pro. With the Pro, the LC9 is now striker fired, eliminated the thumb safety (YEAH!) and is a natural pointer. However it IS more bulky than my PF9. But then again, I ordered a 9 round OEM magazine. I am not switching from my PF-9 for CCW, But there may be a new contender! (Albeit a Ruger copy of the original PF-9) 🙂


just got a smith & Wesson MP shield in a 9 mm and a 40. Both handle great. Easy to get on target. Limited recoil. Very slim and easy to conceal. Glad I found them. Was looking at Taurus 380. My opinion check out the Shield.

Smith & Wesson MP Shield Pistol


I recently bought the Shield 40 and am amazed at the comfort. With the extended mag it fits my hand perfectly. Good choice for concealed carry!


The weapon feels very comfortable in my hand. However, the magazines are a bit difficult to load with the strong spring. I cut my hand all the time loading. Plus, I had to put 400+ rounds through my 40 to start shooting on target. Afterwards the gun felt great shooting.


Whichever gun you are most comfortable with and most accurate at shooting. Doesn’t matter if it’s a .22, a well placed shot will drop the threat. Granted a .22 will take more accuracy.


You are exactly right on the 22 cal. Thats what I carry and as I always say, it will kill you as dead as a cannon if it hits you in the right place.


A well-placed .22 will drop the threat…but not until after the threat has already dropped you. At the wrong angle, a .22 can fail to penetrate the frontal plate of the skull (the forehead bone) and may fail to penetrate the sternum (chest bone covering the heart). Even if a .22 bullet manages to penetrate vital organs (other than the brain or spinal cord) and causes a fatal wound, the effects will be slower to set in than with a large caliber that causes massive systemic shock. Unless you blind him by shooting him in the face, an armed attacker… Read more »

Jordan Laws

A 22 will kill a hog if you shoot it in the head and a hogs head is skull it thicker then ours maybe not yous and I’ve seen a many of deer killed with a 22 just because it’s small do sent make it a bad round lol but a 22 will do the job I rather get shot by a 45 acp then a 22 my uncle shot man in the leg with a 22 and it ran up in to his heart killed him dead on the spot


English must be your second language.


With gross exageration as his first language.

Wild Bill

@Jordan Laws, I saw a hog farmer shoot a ten week runt pig in the square in the forehead with a .22lr. The next day, that little runt still was not dead. He did not know what was wrong and he tried to function. That cheap sob farmer ended up burying it alive. It was the ugliest killing that I have ever witnessed. I knew a kid that got shot in the jaw with a .22lr while he and another were shooting without adult supervision. He is a barber, now. “…shot man in the leg with a 22 and it… Read more »


I only carry 45 ACP! Thats the round I shoot best and feel the most comfortable with! Plus,four out of my five handguns are 45ACP! My favorite carry, everyday handgun is my Colt New Agent 45ACP! Fantastic weapon!

Colt New Agent 45ACP Pistol

Wild Bill

Hey Tex, How you been? My current love affair is with a ParaOrdinance 14/45. She is Canadian, but no liberal.