Congratulations and Thank You to All 2,000,000 Facebook Fans

Two Million Facebook Likes

browning-firearms-logo.jpgMorgan, Utah – ( Browning wishes to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all our fans and friends for helping the Browning Facebook page reach 2,000,000 LIKES earlier this week. The interest and dedication of Browning fans all across the world has been the strength and power behind the growth of the Browning page.

Reaching 2,000,000 Facebook fans does not happen often. So it is a great accomplishment for all the fans that frequent the page, looking forward to the posts, updates, promotions and the crazy, fun stuff posted on the page. When the page was started over six years ago it had a unique mission, stated simply: This is the official Facebook page of the Browning Company. But it is really the official page of Browning fans. This is a place to be with other hunters and shooters who love the Browning brand just like you.”

Over the years Browning has used its Facebook page to assist customers with questions, give valuable updates, announce new products, and more. But the most important activity seen on the page has been the interaction between Browning Facebook fans as they help each other learn about products, give each other hunting and shooting tips, and provide important insights and information when researching a new purchase.

The Browning Buckmark symbolizes more than just the company called Browning. It represents a mutual love of the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle. It appears on the things we wear and use and make. It represents a common emotion that comes from quality time in the outdoors with family and friends. It represents a sense of excellence and quality. The Browning Facebook page truly belongs to the many people who feel part of the Browning family. And, in joining with others who also love the Browning brand, they enjoy being part of a community that is unique in all of the hunting and shooting industry – and perhaps in any industry. They become part of the Browning experience.

For many years Browning products have been known as “The Best There Is.” Today, this slogan goes beyond the great gear we produce to the quality of those who love the brand. Browning’s Facebook fans truly are “The Best There Is.”