Convicted Felon & Animal Rights Activist Harass Wisconsin Wolf Hunters

Rod Coronado
Convicted Felon & Animal Rights Activist, Rod Coronado, Harass Wisconsin Wolf Hunters
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance

Columbus, OH –-( partaking in the annual Wisconsin wolf hunt are finding themselves with unwanted partners, as a group of animal rights activists, led by a known eco-terrorist, are taking it upon themselves to trail sportsmen in the field this season.

The group of animal rights activists, who call themselves the Great Lakes Wolf Patrol, are being led by none other than convicted felon and eco-terrorist, Rod Coronado. The former spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front is known for his violent and radical animal rights protests, which have put him on the wrong side of the law – including a stint in federal prison.

The animal rights activist has a long history of direct action, particularly through incendiary tactics. In fact, in 1995 he was sentenced to almost five years in federal prison after being found guilty of firebombing Michigan State University and destroying 32 years of research. In 2006, Coronado served a year in prison for giving a speech in San Diego on how to start an arson fire, and in 2004 he was indicted and sentenced to eight months in prison for disrupting an Arizona mountain lion hunt by dismantling a lion trap and spreading mountain lion urine.

And those are just a few of his violent acts.

Gray wolves were delisted from the Endangered Species Act in 2011 after it was determined they had exceeded recovery goals, prompting Wisconsin to open a wolf-hunting season in 2012. Coronado and his group plan to trail gray wolf hunters and trappers as a form of protest and say they “plan to investigate potential illegal kills.”

“This is another over-the-top move by a convicted violent animal rights activist,” said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA president and CEO. “Coronado is known for his extremism and I encourage all sportsmen to be very aware when they enter the field in Wisconsin. Hunter harassment is illegal and should be reported immediately.”

Hunter harassment is illegal in Wisconsin with strict guidelines under statute 29.083. The statute restricts anyone from interfering with lawful hunting practices and violators may face prosecution and/or jail time.

“Grey wolves were delisted from the Endangered Species Act using sound science to guide the decision, a fact that radicals like Coronado and his group choose to ignore,” said Pinizzotto. “I highly encourage all sportsmen to familiarize themselves with Wisconsin’s hunter harassment laws before hitting the field this season. Any illegal activity by Coronado and his group should be reported immediately.”

About:The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance is a national association of sportsmen and sportsmen’s organizations that protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers in the courts, legislatures, at the ballot, in Congress and through public education programs. Visit

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Patricia you are awesome! Keep replying to their ignorant comments as long as you can stand it. Maybe, one of them will realize, hopefully, that they should simply stop and we will simply thank them.


Have any of you “vegans” ever had a pair of leather boots or gloves? Guess where they come from. This ass clown disrupts my hunting he will be dealt with properly. We all have incisors, if you don’t know what they’re for look it up. We were born to eat meat if that isn’t to your liking don’t eat it. I love beef, venison,rabbit and chicken too. What we kill we eat and will kill what infringes on that right!

Patricia Stock

In this day and age the need for hunting is passé. Wolf and coyote meat you don’t eat and the pelts aren’t worth much. The 3’S were mentioned so hunters are not above board and legal. If you didn’t do gut shots, burn them in their dens, or follow them back to the pack to annihilate them, then I would believe you’re a true hunter. You only hunt what you need and use most of it if not all. My ancestors were just that. Times are different so that isn’t going to wash either. Don’t wear leather boots or gloves.… Read more »


For those aghast hunting you should not verbally abuse those who do. You wouldn’t be here right now if your ancestors didn’t hunt. You say we are not carnivores and don’t need meat but how do you think your own ancestors got there protein back in the day and survived the winter months. They went out and hunted for food and furs to trade for things they needed and to make cloths and blankets with the furs. I come from all long line of hunters and we shoot to kill we were all taught through the generations that if you… Read more »

Sandra Beasley

All my best to those who protect the wolves. Pain and suffering to those who hunt the wolves. This is nothing more then psychopathic blood-lust to murder animals needlessly.


The thing I don’t hunt, never have, never will. I don’t know how to use a gun either, but I’m not going to sit around and criticize hunters by any means. They at least are doing what they enjoy the legal way. These Wolf patrols don’t have any right in harassing hunters or setting up fake bait. He’s a criminal, mentally ill and a coward. Leave the hunters and their rights alone!!!


They were harassing “coyote” hunters

Laurie C

Phoebe is right! mental illness & pure hatred is all wolf hunters know THEY ARE A SICK BREED

Gene Hull

I would think these misguided souls could be charged with harassment and/or endangerment. They are coming close to the definition of inciting a riot.


I have heard speeches from Rod Coronado. He is a very peaceful man. Considering the action of dismantling an animal trap to be “violent”? The destroying of a lab conducting cruel research on animals is violent? No people have been harmed through his actions. Property destruction for a good cause is not a bad thing, as long as no one is hurt.


Then let’s destroy YOUR property for a good cause. I think you are doing cruel things in your house. Blowing up your house is violent? Your children weren’t harmed by those actions.

I think you’d probably disagree that property damage was okay for the cause!

hunters are terrorists

A good wolf hunter is a dead one. IP#


Looky you, talking of killing people. And you dare call them terrorists. If you are an animal, then hunters are terrorists.
You call them terrorists. You value only animals. You wish people were dead. You’re either an animal or a psychopath.


Leave the body there. The wolves will clean it up. FBI gets its job done for it, wolves get a free meal. What a nice guy he was. Unless your a vegetarian Phoebe, you just pay someone else to do your dirty work for you.

Robert Fowler

Practice the 3 S’s. Shoot, shovel and shut up.


yep officer,that poor pitiful bastard (coronado) stepped right out in front of that damn bullet.


@Phoebe,go lay down and rest your mind !

TSgt B

Phoebe S.: We don’t “kill for fun”. We HUNT because it’s in our genetic code, as it has been for hundreds of thousands of years. And we are certainly not “terrorists”. The only mental illness represented on this site is YOURS. If you don’t want to hunt, DON’T. I hunt to put meat on the table.

Mo Dee

what a dumb u don’t need meat to survive or stay healthy ,that’s just another excuse to kill animals..Most hunters kill for pleasure and just to put the victims head on their wall ,and even eating them is not a good excuse since u not a carnivore your body doesn’t require any meat ,it harms your health and animals die for your greediness..Animals hunt for need you hunt for greed ,big fckin difference..And it’s not in our genes to hunt ,if it’s in your genes why do u use tools why don’t you hunt with your bare hand ??News… Read more »

Gene Hull

MY, MY, MY! What an articulate ass you are.
I’m sure your rant is quite effective in persuading people to you way of thinking.

Patricia Stock

Since when do you eat wolf or coyote meat? You are so full of it.

Phoebe S.

The only terrorists I see in this case are you hunters. Killing for fun is also a sign of mental illness.


Gee he stepped in the way of a shot and was hit instead of the wolf, AT least that is what the report should read when he does take one while he is out in the field. That would be one less eco-terrorist that would be on the loose, and a violent one at that. How easy would it be for a hunter to do just that???


Sorry officer , I thought he was a wolf. Oops. !


He’d better hope that the wolves aren’t hunting him.


Is he a registered Democrat?

sarah pody

wolves deserve to be on this earth just as much as you murdering idiots do


probably support taxpayer-supported baby murdering? precious wildlife more important?

Wild Bill

@m. Sara Podia is just another troll. If Sara said to the wolf pack, “I deserve to be on this earth just as much as you do.”, the wolves would disagree by tearing her throat out and devouring her, while she was still alive. I would laugh.