Dem Senators Join Moms Demand Actions Harasment Of Kroger Standing Up For Your Rights

By AWR Hawkins

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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have added their voices to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s campaign for Kroger to ban the open carry of firearms in its stores.

On August 18  2014 Breitbart News reported that Moms Demand launched a campaign aimed at pressuring Kroger into changing its gun policy. Current Kroger policy abides by local and state regulations.

Moms Demand wants Kroger to ban the open carry of guns, even where it is legal.

According to The Hill, Senators Murphy, Blumenthal, and Feinstein sent a letter to Kroger CEO W. Rodney McMullen on September 30 2014 asking him to ban open carry in all Kroger stores. The Senators argued that “gun extremists… have exploited the current Kroger gun policy” by carrying guns openly while shopping.

They said that by banning open carry, “Kroger would be sending an important message about [their] commitment to the safety of [their] employees and customers.”

On September 8, Breitbart News reported that an armed customer was able to defend his life when he came under attack in an Indianapolis Kroger parking lot. And on September 4, The Indianapolis Star responded to the Moms Demand’ campaign by pointing to the attempted burglary of another Kroger in Indy “three years ago,” which was foiled when an armed Kroger employee intervened.

In both these incidents, guns in the hands of free people kept employees and customers safe.


Visit Kroger’s website and Thank them for staying strong and respecting your rights to self defense:


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In 1993, store manager and one worker were killed execution style by a former employee at a Food Lion supermarket here in Raleigh NC.

These elected officials have the luxury of their own personal security teams, well armed, at taxpayer expense but will want the rest of us common folk to be disarmed.

ray hampton

we need to know the real reason behind the hot moms demands

Rob Phillips

You gotta’ love the Senators’ manipulation of the English lauguage: “gun extremists… have exploited the current Kroger gun policy” by carrying their guns openly. If fact, the only thing they are “guilty” of is exercising their rights under the 2nd Ammendment of the Constitution.


I will shop Fred Meyers more then ever. The Dems need to be deported to a country of their choosing. I suggest they move to Russia and continue on with their agenda. GOOD LUCK IDIOTS.


Kroger should send a letter to those “Public Servants” and explain their roll as government Employee and the Bill o Rights!


It’s nice to see a business that I shop at that is more concerned about the Constitution and people’s rights, than the wishes of demanding moms and idiot law makers. Maybe if these moms would raise their children with honesty and integrity, something neither they nor the politicians seem to have, they wouldn’t have to try to trample on our rights. As for the senators if they would concentrate more on getting the country out of debt, they wouldn’t have so much time to practice being nazis.

TSgt B

Why don’t we encourage Kroger’s to just ban antigun idiots?


Hopefully Kroger continues their policy of abiding by state’s laws . After all firearm owners shop at Kroger , politicians don’t .
I doubt Feinstein even remembers what a shopping cart looks like. She probably thinks they have stone and wood wheels like when she was young.


@Janek,yes sir,thats him ! A real piece of work ain’t he ?


Isn’t Blumenthal the guy who ‘enhanced’ his military ‘credentials’ while running for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut?